One of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned … – Lena Franklin

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Yesterday, 12 years ago, my mother’s soul passed from her body after a sudden blow. That moment was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

Although there are still times I yearn for her human presence, I have discovered that there is beauty in pain. Our tears symbolize how much we love. Our pain can be a gateway to wise inner knowledge.

I believe that it is the impermanence and fragility of life that gives us the urgency to truly LIVE.

He was supposed to be in Mexico celebrating Day of the Dead with Pravassa and a group of amazing humans this November, but by 2020 he had different plans. So this weekend, my dear Jeff Glattstein and I brought the celebration to our ATL tribe of love for ancestral healing and a true celebration of those souls we love who have left the kingdom. earthly.

May my ancestral rituals of candles, incense, and offerings serve as a hug to my mother’s soul. She taught me so many things. But one of the most powerful lessons was how to communicate with our ancestors. The death of our loved ones teaches us an essential practice for life ~ Embrace NO APPOINTMENT. By letting go of our connection to the physical world … or needing the present moment to be different from what it is … we decrease suffering while increasing our capacity for presence. The sudden death of my mother was the ultimate lesson of non-attachment … because through the disappearance of her physical body, I was able to create a different relationship with her … a more powerful one … a more beyond our humanity. It is pure, unconditional and powerful.

When my mother died, I began to cultivate a relationship with her soul. When I was no longer bound to perceive that I needed his physical presence here, I began to truly awaken to the invisible realms … the TRUE reality. She began to come to me in meditations, dreams, visions, and signs. Momma Minh Thu was everywhere!

I give my love at the foot of the altar for my Vietnamese Buddhist mother who traveled bravely from East to West in the service of a better life. May his courage continue in every word, action and breath he takes. RITUALS are like kisses sent to the realm of spirits. Talk, sit and contemplate with your ancestors, beautiful beings … that’s why you’re here.

The path of my life has been the culmination of East and West in many ways. My mother’s teachings, both in human and pure soul form, have informed the work I share with the world today.

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