“Om shanti, shanti, shanti"

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Exhaling, taking a moment to allow my heart to open. It is a time to cultivate my inner peace so that I can remember that humanity is goodness and peace.

War is a disconnect from the essence of our true nature. We live in the shadow of ourselves and how painful it is to witness the horrors of living in this agitation of discord. So many demonstrations with our Ukrainian compatriots in our country.

The gravity of the situation is being experienced in our own neighborhoods. It affects us not only our global economy, but our acceptance within our global humanity.

People are dying and we are all suffering. This must be a time of rebuilding and restructuring our commitment to all souls. These brave individuals from Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and our own country are rejecting the horrors of this situation.

We have entered the year of the water tiger according to the Asian calendar. This water tiger is chasing the earth. The year is full of the rage of fire with the unconscious emotions of the waters. The moon will pull on us while the sun will act to change.

The inner self is seeking inner balance to calm the instability of the ego. Be aware of the thoughts that will become words. He speaks from the ease of stillness.

“Om shanti, shanti, shanti,” we sing shanti three times. There are three types of shanti. There is only one shanti, but there are three types of problems that can deny the shanti. May there be freedom from these disorders of the mind. That problems do not arise from the forces over which we have no control, adhidaivika; of the beings around us, adhibhautika; or self-centered factors, adhyatmka.

The first set of problems comes from sources over which we have no control, such as a tornado or an earthquake. We can only protect ourselves from this.

The second source of agitation is any kind of disturbance of the outside world, political, social or domestic that obstructs our comfort. We pray for the shanti of the obstacles we do not want to have.

The third shanti is to take care of the problems centered on ourselves. These can be physical, mental or emotional. We pray to balance our reactive mind to balance our system for clarity of perspective.

Let us all unite and use the mantra as an opportunity to practice our own peaceful ceasefire.

Please be kind to each other and thank you for being present to this day. We share a collective meditation for the whole world to support the brave people protesting in Russia and to have compassion for what really seems like a lack of freedom. We are feeling the pain of everyone.

Also, here are some organizations I’ve researched that are also ways to help:

  • of Ukraine Children’s Voices Foundation & Longwood cure combine efforts to support children and families affected by the war with GoFundMe.

  • Save the Children is raising money for the Fund for aid to the crisis in Ukraine. Save the Children operates in Ukraine since 2014, even in the regions affected by the Donetsk and Luhansk conflict. Teams are currently working with Ukrainian migrants and asylum seekers in refugee camps in northeastern Romania and assessing needs in Poland and Hungary. 7.5 million Ukrainian children and families are in mortal danger.

  • CARE is raising money for its Ukraine Crisis Fund, which aims to reach 4 million with immediate help and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance, giving priority to women and girls, families and the elderly.

In love and light,

Laura Jane

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