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Appreciation and Gratitude – Great Ways To Reduce Stress!

We read so often these days about how important it is to appreciate and show gratitude towards everything we have in our lives. It is said that if we can develop an attitude of gratitude, we are then in a much better position to attract more joy, happiness, success, and peace into our life. One great thing about introducing a regular habit of appreciation into everyday life is, that our focus is then definitely on what we have got and what is working.

Concentrative and Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

The demands of daily life tend to weigh us down at one time or another. These simple techniques can help you feel more in control and have stress relief.

Meditation Made Easy – A 3 Step Mini-Meditation

I truly do believe that mediation is good for us. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, help control pain, can make us calmer and help us focus, and according to a University of Indiana study, it seems meditation can help us conquer food cravings.

Meditation for Beginners – Where to Start

If you are a beginner and have never meditated before or only a couple of times, you may not know where to start or if you are doing it right. There are so many different types of meditation and it can be difficult to know which one would be great for you.

Meditation Cushions and Kneeling Pose

The kneeling pose is preferable seated posture to many mediators who have closed hips. Meditation cushions and the zabuton provide protection for your knees, shins, ankles and top section of your feet.

Want to Feel Better Now? Do This Quick Five Minute Meditation!

So often when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, we know what to do to feel better – but we don’t do it. When you’re feeling too pushed for time and overwhelmed to relax, this quick meditation break is for you!

Meditation Scripts: You Can Make Your Own!

Meditation scripts that perform truly efficiently are hard to get hold of. The answer I found is to make your personal scripts! By doing so, you can relate more to it and be more comfortable listening and letting it guide you.

Simple Meditation Techniques To Help You Fall Asleep

In today’s hectic world, many of us have trouble relaxing and falling asleep at night. You can use simple meditation techniques to get that good night’s sleep…

Meditation – Do This Once A Day And Get All The Energy You Need (My Favourite Strategy)

Daily meditation moves you from surface to connecting to the heart of the universal Spirit. When all your experiences come from your external environment, you deplete your vital life-force. Energies from other people – whether positive or negative – are constantly connecting with your own and many of them often drain you. If you are already in a low vibration, meaning that you are focused on worry because of the economy or your personal challenges, you begin send off that vibration and attract this same type of energy to you.

Meditation – Discover The Top 7 Benefits of Consistent Meditation (Easily Done)

Meditation has been practiced by many people across the ages and has proven to provide many great benefits for the body, mind and soul. If you are thinking about adding meditation as part of your personal ritual you’d want to know how consistent meditation can be beneficial to you.

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