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Walking Meditation and Dharana

Thich Nat Hahn, the famous Vietnamese sage, brought walking meditation to the masses and I feel it is a simple and useful way to practice active meditation. We all know how difficult it is to sit and practice, but we can practice Dharana while we walk.

Meditation, Angels, And Diamonds

This article describes an easy form of meditation in which it is possible to make contact with your guardian angel or a higher dimension. The technique does not take very long, but does take practice, which means doing it on a daily basis. The rewards can be stunning. Read on.

A Short Cut to Meditating, Can That Be?

How many times have you felt that your body is here, your mind is there, and your emotions are somewhere else, and who knows where your spirit is? This is true for a lot of people in today’s busy world. We’ve all heard of the mind-body-spirit connection, which can be achieved through meditation however many people claim they don’t have the time. Another benefit, meditation can also set a positive tone to your day.

When a Duck is Not a Duck – How Perception Affects Reality

I have a friend who told me a story of her childhood. I am a hypnotist, and one of my tools is the idea of ‘perception’.

The Importance of Relaxing

We can easily forget about how important it can be to just sit back and take five sometimes. These days our lives can be filled with stress that can arrive from many different places.

Ways About How to Meditate Effectively

There are never any right or wrong ways how to meditate effectively. Always it is the perception of the individual. As such practitioners often do not offer a formula based that criterion. They advise individuals to develop their own best ways of achieving success.

Benefits of Meditation – The Real Thing!

Because there are just so many benefits of meditation, more and more people are getting into it. Many are becoming familiar with meditation and the good that it brings our body. You could be one of those who have doubts about the benefits of meditation or you can be among those who have experienced the magic and the benefits of meditation.

Holosync – The Dive & Download Review

Holosync creates a sense of meditation in you by using its scientifically proven formula of harnessing the power of sound to realign brainwaves. Ideal for those people who want to avail themselves of the benefits of meditation but are not able to dedicate themselves to it – Holosync helps to gain all these desired benefits without doing much.

How to Find the Time For Meditation

Meditation is said to be a valuable tool for reconnecting with yourself. They say that those that meditate have more inner peace, okness, connectedness and love in their life. We all want that, right?

The 3 Best Meditation Tips For People With a Busy Life

No, you aren’t dumb, but you may feel like one the first time or two that you try to meditate. As you sit there, worrying about which bill to pay and which kid to blame for the mess in the kitchen, you probably wonder what people see in meditation. You may even wonder if its just a waste of time.

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