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Radical Meditation

This is of account the experience I had with radical meditation. In this experience I was so entranced that to all appearances I was dead. This is just on example of how dramatically meditation can effect your mind and body.

Your Last Breath – A Trick to Make Locus Meditation Method Easier

Sometimes, even for veteran meditators, keeping a stable sense of focused attention can be extremely difficult. No matter how hard you try directing your attention, your focus just keeps jumping around.

The Secret to Naturally Deeper Meditation Sessions

If you struggle to meditate at all – if you find it hard to slow your thoughts down and to calm the talking and dialect within your mind then you are struggling to cross the line into this Alpha state. This is where this secret weapon in meditation can help you and literally take years off your meditation learning curve.

The Benefits of Taking Meditation Classes

Have you ever considered to attend meditation classes? Do you feel like you’re constantly overwhelmed with your job and your home life? Do you often find yourself wishing you could live at a slower pace and have more time for reflection?

What Does Success in Meditation Depend Upon?

Since the very first time I came across meditation, I realized that I was dealing with something special and extraordinary. Although I did not have the slightest idea as to what was happening while I meditated, I still practiced meditation regularly and I was experiencing wonderful things.

Meditation – A Comprehensive Self Help Program

From cancer, to aging to heart attacks, blood pressure and mental health, meditation has a proven impact across a whole variety of areas in the body. Here are several (though by no means all) of the scientifically proven facts about meditation – verified by robust research.

When it Comes to Stress Relief, Meditation is Unbeatable

An introduction to meditation as an antidote to stress which seems endemic to modern life. There is much more that meditation can do for us, but stress relief is a wholesome beginning to our exploration of interior practices.

Binaural Meditation – Effortless Deeper Meditation

Do binaural beats help you reach a deeper state of meditation? Learn what binaural beats are, how they work, and why they could help you reach a deeper state of meditation naturally.

The Practical Applications of Meditation in Everyday Life

Guided meditation, which uses meditative thoughts to focus on the present moment, has its practical applications in everyday life. Meditation is mind training, focusing on awareness and mindfulness to enhance clarity of mind to understand what is important to you and what is “real” in your life. The power of meditation can help you let go of things you found difficult to let go in the past.

Easy Route to Meditation

I started my first meditation with YouTube videos on meditation. Start with a meditation video of your choice and follow the simple rules. No need for special posture, just sit straight in your chair, look at the computer screen, and follow the instructions to the best of your ability.

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