Nikola Tesla 369 Divine Code Music to Open All Chakras

Meditation Techniques – Types and Benefits

Meditation is no longer confined to the Himalayas. An increasing number of international celebrities, sports persons and business professionals are benefiting from various meditation techniques.

Yoga – 5 Great Ways to Warm Up Your Upper Body

This article has useful tips for warming up for yoga. Warming up is as important as the exercise itself for health, fitness, and well-being.

Yoga Clothing 101 – The Basic Rundown

The fashion industry has a new genre of clothing, thanks to the increase in the popularity of yoga. Yoga clothes have developed into a market that creates and manufactures clothing and accessories of many sizes, shapes and colors for yoga participants.

Yoga Exercises During Your Pregnancy

When pregnant, you will find that yoga exercises can be a good choice, due to the fact that it often helps to insure not only a smoother pregnancy, but also an easier birth experience. Yoga can also be beneficial to the baby, because it increases the supply of blood. Yoga meditations are also useful when dealing with the many mental changes of pregnancy, and can help to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and help enable a calm mental state.

Yoga Supplies 101 – Different Supplies For Practitioners to Use

If you have a yoga mat among your yoga supplies, then you have everything you need to get started doing yoga. Many retailers boast of an abundant supply of yoga gear to lure buyers, but the truth is: anything beyond a basic yoga mat is a supplement to yoga. Finding a mat with a sturdy carrying case is your first step into this fitness arena. A carrying case protects your mat from soil and dirt from open storage and makes cleaning a lot easier.

Yoga Relaxation Music 101 – Releasing Your Stress, Connecting Spiritually

Although names like Yanni, Dido, Ariel or Enya might not ever be listed among top traditional yoga music artists, they are popular in yoga relaxation music for Westerners. For many U.S.-based yoga practitioners, the availability of music by these artists has meant an abundance of modern alternatives to meet their own cultural preferences and a contemporary entrance way into an enlightened art.

Yoga Mats 101 – Not All Mats Are Created Equal

The beginner-yogi is often surprised to learn that not all yoga mats are created equally. Yoga mats range in price from eight dollars to eighty and come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. These factors determine if your mat will be comfortable and durable enough, as well as appropriate for the lineage you practice, and how frequently you do so.

Taking Yoga One Step Further – Advanced Concepts For Yoga Lovers

Are you looking to extend your understanding of Yoga beyond the yoga classes that you take? Here we give further insight into this ancient practice.The correct practice of numerous postures in Yoga helps one to deal with real life situation is a very practical manner that is devoid of anything that someone else can do for you.

Yoga – A Gentle Alternative For Health and Fitness

So you want to become healthier and fitter, but don’t fancy the stresses and strains of more conventional methods of getting fit? Then perhaps you should consider yoga classes, which offer a more gentle and uncompetitive environment for those who want to be fitter and healthier in body and mind.

Yoga Weight Loss – The 3 Types of Yoga For Weight Loss

Many people ask if yoga will help them to lose weight? There are certain types of yoga that will help you lose weight.

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