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A Different Style of Leadership, Living and Learning

Every tribe needs a leader. Shamans use meditation and other mind training techniques to unlock the wisdom and power they need to lead.

Where Meditation Is Controversial

Prayer and meditation are similar practices. Even so, there’s a minority in the Abrahamic faiths who distrust meditation. It’s a shame, given the virtues that it instils.

If You Enjoy Freedom, Then Meditate

What role does meditation play in Buddhism? It’s a strange question, but it’s not as obvious as it seems. The answer is that it frees you from the world and your thoughts.

The Most Ancient Meditation Practice on Earth

There’s a meditation tradition much older than Buddhism. It’s mindfulness, in a way, but with its own flavour. With it, you can reconnect to nature like never before.

If You Can’t Quiet Your Mind, Louden It

If quietening your mind is too difficult, then meditate another way. There are disciplines that require you to think as loudly as you can.

The Harry Potter School of Meditation

In the Harry Potter series, there’s one form of magic that’s stronger than all others. You may not be a wizard or witch, but it’s still relevant. Master the principle and you’ll revolutionise your mind.

Ancient, Trendy Ideas

Everyone talks about mindfulness these days. For good reason – it has endured over millennia because of its timeless, elegant power. It’s one of the best ways to train your mind.

Breathe and Look Ridiculous

Your breathing shapes the state of your mind and body. Whether you want to relax or feel energised, how you breathe is how you do it.

How You Breathe Is How You Do Everything

Your breathing is more than a simple intake of air. It creates complex feedback loops inside you. When you control these, relaxing and energising becomes easy.

Enlightenment Is in the Details

There’s something that separates masters and novices, especially in meditation. When you start to pay attention to it, your relationship with your inner mind transforms.

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