My Yoga Journey: Living Yoga Through Adversity

Yoga as a journey and destination

Homeless, hearing loss and hurricane. These are some of the things that could have stopped me from achieving my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Luckily, yoga gave me the strength and heart to keep going.

I was introduced to yoga for a sabbatical year in 2007. I was fasting, meditating, and studying different religions. Then I came across a table book called: Living Yoga by Christy Turlington that led me to practice the Rainbeau Mars DVD called Yoga for beauty at dusk and dawn. My little daughter knew the memory routine.

I later moved in and practiced Bikram yoga three times a week with my eldest daughter. It was her gym activity while she was home schooling. Later, in 2010, I completed a 3-day intensive training for Rainbow Kids teachers with Gopala ( We’ve covered acrobatic yoga and pair yoga; and it was fun, colorful and challenging.

Then life passed as he sought happiness. I surrendered allowing non-attachment. While I was homeless / carless and couchsurfing, I stayed at work, managed to finish massage school and got home, a car and back with kids and tried online yoga teacher training in 2015, where we would find ourselves virtually through the internet. group chats and conference calls (

In 2019, I faced more adversity with Hurricane Harvey and my son’s recent brain surgery. I managed to still dedicate myself to fasting and complete one week of yoga teacher training at The Yoga Institute founded by Lex Gillan in Houston, Texas. There, it was hands-on learning, daily teaching (creating longer sequences each day), with knowledge from old and new students. It was a big challenge because I’m hard of hearing. People with hearing loss are often skeptical. They ask, “How can I continue in class if I don’t listen to the teacher?” or “Will my hearing aids be maintained during postures?” I didn’t let my hearing loss stop me.

Not only are the physical benefits of yoga important (stronger muscles and improved flexibility), but the mental benefits are also numerous. Yoga at its best combines physical posture with a philosophy of patience and self-acceptance, which can be very helpful in dealing with the day-to-day frustrations of hearing loss.

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