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Who is BKS Iyengar?

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar is the founder of Iyengar Yoga. He was born in December 1918 in Bellur, Kolar District, Karnataka, India. Iyengar is the son of Sri Krishnamachar, who was a very poor school teacher. Iyengar is often referred to as Guruji by his followers.

Sivananda Yoga – What is Class Like?

Sivananda is based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda and is a form of Hatha where the primary focus is on preserving health and well being of the yogi. In order to teach it, one needs to graduate from the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course. It consists of four weeks of intensive training that prepares the students to train others.

Bikram Yoga – Lock the Knee!

Developed by Bikram Choudhury- Yoga is practiced at a higher temperature in a room for two main objectives; first to relieve the body off its toxins and secondly to make the body more flexible. There are 26 postures which are sub divided into Asanas (postures) and Prayanama (breathing exercises). These interdependent exercises involve better consumption of oxygen to affect lungs, circulation, muscles, brain activity and mental capacity. Among Asanas postures Dandayamana – JanuShirasana (Standing Head to Knee Pose) or locking the knee is a very important part of Bikram, as it is utilized in many postures.

Ashtanga Yoga in America – The Early Teachers

According to a biography on his website Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, born in July 1915 is credited with introducing the art of Ashtanga Yoga to America. The first western to be trained with Krishna Pattabhi Jois was Andre Van Lysbeth whose country of origin was Belgium. Before long the first Americans started to come to Jois to learn the practice of Ashtanga at Swami Gitananda’s ashram in Pondicherri. The Ashtanga took its root in California and spread throughout USA. Norman Allen and David Williams were the early American students of Jois. David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff are credited with inviting the master practitioner to San Diego County to impart the training.

Learn About Yoga Breathing – Which Yoga Type is Right For You?

As more and more people learn about yoga breathing and realize its healing power, the question that naturally comes to mind is which yoga type to choose. It is an excellent question, really, because all yoga is not the same. Just as there are different types of body building exercises, there are different styles of yoga.

Animal Yoga For Kids – The Hiss of the Serpent

Get slithery with kids yoga when you slide into the cobra yoga pose. As one of the most animated kids yoga exercises, the cobra posture brings flexibility to your spine and strength to your back. Best of all, you get to hiss, just like a real snake!

Benefits of Yoga For Back Pain

People who have suffered with back pain for years have always looked into alternative treatments to find relief. One of these alternative treatments that have been very successful in reducing back pain is practicing yoga.

Yoga Supports & Reinforces Character Education

Character education has become a growing movement in education circles as the need for value based learning becomes paramount. Yoga reinforces these teaching through yamas and niyamas, asana practice, breathing and relaxation. Use yoga in your classroom to help children and teens learn essential values to help them become leaders and contribute in meaningful ways in their communities.

Yoga Breathing and Its Benefits

Yoga Breathing, Pranayama calms and steadies the mind, bringing focus and concentration. Breath is life. It is the string that connects us to our souls. It is the wind and the energy in the air. It is force and life energy. Pranayama practice detoxifies the lungs, warding off diseases. Its practice calms the central nervous system and helps with focus. Regular practice keeps the body and mind in vibrant health. Most people have forgotten how to breath and incorporate only a shallow part of their lung capacity. The practice of Pranayama lets the practitioner breath deeply through the nose, using the entire lung capacity. In this way, the body is detoxified. The practice of pranayama also prepares one for meditation. Here thoughts are harnessed to allow for focus and intention.

Ashtanga Yoga is For Everybody

This was written with the intention of explaining why the entire path of Ashtanga Yoga is accessible to all modern practitioners. The fundamentals of breath, bandhas (energy locks within the body), drishti (the focal point of the gaze), and vinyasa (sequential movement) are the basic foundations of the traditional system as taught by the late Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois.

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