Mindfulness Quotes for Teachers – 130 most inspiring

Want to enliven the mindful daily practices of yourself or your students? Don’t miss the 130 most inspiring mindfulness quotes for teachers.

Two of the most important aspects of spiritual practices are faith and diligence. It is not enough for a hungry person to hear about food because he needs to eat, and it’s the same for mindfulness. It is not enough to read about it, you need to practice. Diligence in your daily practice will help you reinvigorate and bring your mindfulness to a greater depth. If you teach mindfulness these mindfulness quotes for teachers will help motivate your students on a daily basis. If you practice by yourself why not start this 130-day mindfulness challenge with me?

These mindfulness quotes for teachers I used in a 130-day meditation journey with my spiritual friends. Each day we reflect together upon an aspect of mindful practices. They also cover not only the techniques for breathing. They bring also a more in-depth contemplation of the nature of reality, and of how we can apply mindfulness in our relationship, our work, friendship and other domains of our lives.

Some of the quotes are inspired by Judith Hanson Lasater in her book “A year of living my yoga”. Some others are from the great mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, other teachers or from my own thoughts.

You can read out loud these mindfulness quotes for teachers each day in your yoga, meditation or mindfulness lesson. Or you read them before your own meditation. Ready? Let us start the first 10 days!

The first 10 days…

Day 1 – Beauty that does not fade.

Beauty arises and passes away like all other phenomena. Fame and fortune are no different. Only the peace, joy and freedom that are the fruits of meditation bring true happiness. Today cherish and take good care of all the moments left to you in this life. Be in touch with the beauty that does not fade. (The Buddha’s teaching, by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 2 – An island unto ourselves.

When a person dwells in mindfulness contemplates his body, feelings, mind, and objects of the mind he is like an island unto himself. He possesses the truest refuge of all. No person, not even a great Master can ever be a more stable refuge than your own island of mindfulness.(The Buddha, a story told by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 3 – A flower will soon wilt.

Because she understands that a flower will soon wilt a happy person is not sad when it does. She can appreciate all without being bound by them. She lives in ease free from all worries. (The Buddha).

Today in your meditation contemplate the impermanence of all things. If you have lost something you treasure just return to the wisdom of the breath. Cherish the wonders taking place in the present moment.

Day 3 – Healthy things are sometimes painful. But not all painful things are healthy.

Pay attention to any discomfort you feel today. Is it the pain of health or injury? Is this relationship healthy or just familiar?

Day 4 – Conscious choice of the difficult.

To remember to be mindful every moment of our days is very difficult. It needs a lot of determination and concentration.
Before going to bed today just take a moment to revisit your day. Enjoy remembering the ease and peace you felt when you did something mindfully. Be determined to remember to do that again tomorrow.

Day 5 – We begin again every day.

Every day you are a beginning mindfulness student. Begin again right now. (Lasater)

Day 6 – Today I will spend fifteen minutes doing nothing.

Find a quiet place. If it’s outdoors lie down and gaze at the sky. If it is indoors lie down and just listen to the sound around you. Each moment is full. Stay for fifteen minutes and then continue your day, a little more relaxed.

Day 7- Freedom in my life, not from it.

Sometimes we use meditation practice to escape from what is. That is not freedom. True meditation is the ability to be radically present to what arises.
Take a vow right now to be willing to live that way. Renew it throughout the day (Lasater)

Day 8 – Receive them all.

Learn from the air. The air carries all fragrances whether sweet or foul. Learn from the fire. The fire burns all things without discrimination.
Today when pleasant or unpleasant thoughts arise, don’t let them entangle or enslave you. (The Buddha)

Day 9 – This is because that is. That is because this is. Myself and others are not separate. (The Budda)

In your meditation today, breathe in the air that comes from a tree. Breathe out the air that will go into a tree. Feel the oneness with the trees, and with all that is.

Day 10 – There is no such thing as a long life.

No matter how many years we live it will seem to have gone by so quickly.
Take a fifteen minute break today and find something you enjoy. Your easy breath, the happy sound of children playing across the street or even the delicious fragrance of a cup of tea. (Lasater)

Well done, you did it! 10 days is a good start! Do you know that in order to change your habit, 21 days is the length needed? Continue for the next 11 days with these most mindfulness quotes for teachers. Inspire yourself and others.

mindfulness quotes for teachers

21-day challenge…

Day 11 Mindful practices expose the deepest parts of ourselves.

Like an onion we have many layers. During your practice today, use each out-breath to explore another layer of yourself (Lasater)

Day 12 – Our daily life is just like a tangerine.

Just as a tangerine is comprised of sections, each day is comprised of twenty-four hours.
Living all twenty-four hours a day is like eating all the sections of a tangerine with awareness.
Mind and body always dwelling in the present moment. And we can see things in the tangerine that others are unable to see
(The Buddha’s teaching, by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 13 – Happy right now.

All the main practices of mindfulness – mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful listening, mindful breathing… are about touching the wonderous present moment, thus letting go of suffering in ourselves and others.
Today with your out-breath just let go of something that has been bothering you.

Day 14 – Fun can take me away from my life yet enjoyment takes me into my life.

Fun can be something we use to escape from our lives.
Enjoyment is the sweetness of noticing your life right now… The sunset, the taste of cool water or the smell of clean sheets.
Find something to enjoy right now.(Lasater)

Day 15 – A good action may not come from a good intention

Examine your mind today when you do something that others consider a “good action”.
Is it for creating a good impression for your own pride or recognition, or for your own benefit?
There is an ocean of difference behind the apparently same actions. Let us fill our hearts with love and compassion in anything we do.

Day 16 – Difficulty is 100 percent subjective.

No matter how easy you find something is there is someone who finds it difficult and vice versa.
Begin today a practice you find difficult. Keep at it for the next 21 days. Imagine the practice is easy and you love it. (Lasater)

Day 17 – Know what is really important.

In the swirl of life it is all to easy to be distracted from what is really important.
Today when someone speaks to you put down what you are doing. Turn towards them, and give them your full attention. It will reduce stress and create connections.

Day 18 – Hold the difficult as sacred.

We often take up a meditation practice to avoid life difficulties. But in the difficulties that we grow.
You don’t need to like them. But remember that they too are part of the sacred path of evolution.
Today in your meditation practice this mantra: I hold as sacred the difficulties I may encounter today. (Lasater)

Day 19 – What is true for me right now?

Three times today stop and ask yourself, ‘What is true and alive for me right now?’. Then live from that understanding. (Lasater)

Day 20 – Try something difficult with courage and gusto.

Loving yourself and others, taking courage from that and living each day with enthusiasm are the basis for a happy life.
I will sit down in meditation today with the intention to love myself and my practice. This week I will try something that means to me however difficult with courage and gusto. (Lasater)

Day 21 – The heart knows that perfection is nonexistent.

It is the mind that tells us our meditation is not good enough, our house is not clean enough, our work is not good enough. The heart knows that perfection is nonexistent.
Today do something creative: a new practice, write a song, make bread for the first time… Enjoy just the doing (Lasater)

So we have formed a good habit of daily practice right now after 21 days. Feel inspired? Let us move to our next milestone: A 30-day challenge with these mindfulness quotes for teachers.

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30-day challenge…

Day 22 – Go to your belly.

When facing a decision today be it small or large, pause first to pay attention to what you feel in your belly. The “second brain” will never lead you astray (Lasater)

Day 23 – Priority means time.

We always have time for what we consider our priorities. Remember to organize your life in a way that allows time for rest, meditation, study… and your loved ones.

Day 24 – Our practice is about questions, not answers.

Often we expect to find answers to our problems through meditation: stress, anxiety, relationship…
Today in your practice let go of the answers. Focus on the questions: How am I breathing? Where does my mind wander to? How can I create ease in my body right now…
Notice and rejoice with the peace that you create naturally.

Day 25 – Don’t respond to yesterday’s bell.

When we hang out in the past we miss experiencing the fresh breeze of THIS morning. Regardless of yesterday, enjoy right here, right now (Lasater).

Day 26 – If you are a rose, don’t try to be a daisy.

So you are not tall with long legs and a flat stomach. You are a rose. And the world needs roses, not just daisies. Today refuse to judge yourself for what you are not. Instead stand in your own light.(Lasater)

Day 27 – There is always a part of us that knows what we need.

A sure way to suffer is to deny the knowledge that bubbles up in us from deep inside. In your meditation and in whatever you do today, seek for that guidance. (Lasater)

Day 28 – To understand union, you must understand separation.

True union with another can only occur when we fully occupy our place in the world. Let yourself expand, be yourself truly, to allow a genuine coming together with loved ones. (Lasater)

Day 29 – Come back to the sensation of the breath.

Before you answer the phone or take the first bite of a meal, return to the sensations that breathing engenders.
This will bring you into the present and slow down, two things I recommend for a happy life. (Lasater)

Day 30 – Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.

To practice mindful living, telling the truth is not enough. We need to practice not lying. Today live with integrity by not lying to yourself about one important thing in your life. (Lasater)

Fantastic! We have completed our 30-day mindfulness practice challenge. I think our next goal is 90 days! What do you think about it? Continue to motivate yourself and your students with these beautiful mindfulness quotes for teachers., either you teach yoga, meditation, or mindfulness.

What next? will you be able to do 90 days?

Day 31 – Balance doesn’t mean perfection.

Balance is not a static state but is like a pendulum that swings from side to side. Today be grateful for your mistakes and regrets. They give balance to your victories and celebrations. (Lasater)

Day 32 – Happiness is the core of our being.

Notice when you are happy today and imagine following that happiness. Maybe it comes when singing a song with your child, observing a dandelion, or sitting in meditation. These moments are the way home.

Day 33 – Being ourselves is what others really want from us.

We often try hard to be what we think others want us to be. Ironically what they really want us to do is to reveal ourselves.
Today have the courage to be yourself.

Day 34 – If you want to embrace light you must also embrace the darkness.

We all long for love, peace and ease. But to fully experience them we must be willing to embrace our hatred, anger, and agitation.
Today when you have any strong negative emotions don’t be afraid to feel them. Cutting off negative feelings cuts off our ability to feel all emotions (Lasater)

Day 35 – Separateness is a false perception.

When we feel separate from ourselves, others, or the Universe we suffer. Today spend some quiet time remembering a moment of profound connection in your life. Be grateful for it.

Day 36 – The greatest discipline is surrender.

So often we confuse ambition with discipline. We think pushing ourselves to do more proves we are disciplined.
In your meditation today, focus instead on how much clarity and discipline is required to let go: of your expectations, of yesterday’s meditation, of what may no longer be possible for you, of your resistance to doing what is possible.

Day 37 – Whatever you do, you will regret.

No matter how wonderful a decision you make you will at another moment regret it. Happily married? Deeply grateful for your child? For a few seconds, once in a while you may still regret your decision to marry or to have a child.
When that happens, embrace this fleeting sense of regret as a sign of your deep humanness and move on (Lasater).

Day 38- There is nothing wrong with you.

Remember, that although you may have problems you are not a problem. At your core you are whole and healthy.
Offer this understanding to yourself at least three times today. (Lasater).

Day 39- Your inner state is already holy.

We may practice because we feel not good enough. Today, as you get on your meditation say, “I’m already holy”.
Abide in the understanding that your practice expresses this truth with each breath. (Lasater).

Day 40- Insecurity leads to more attempts to control.

We feel insecure when we forget our connection to ourselves. Then we feel afraid and try to control everything around us.
Instead, spend your time today sitting quietly focusing on your out-breath. It is the breath of letting go. (Lasater)

Day 41- There is negative and positive in every situation.
Wisdom comes from seeing that all choices have pluses and minuses. Let it be today’s mantra. Repeat it to yourself and smile when you do so. (Lasater).

Day 42- Wherever your heart leads, follow.

Which would you would rather live with? The mistakes of following your head or the mistakes of following your heart?
Without throwing out common sense today, listen a little more to your heart whenever you can. Notice how satisfying your day becomes (Lasater).

Day 43 – Breath is the gateway.

When life is foggy the path is unclear and the mind is dull… Remember your breath. It has the power to give you peace. It has the power to resolve the unsolved equations of life (Amit Ray)

Day 44- Observing weakens resistance.
Fighting with something makes it stronger. Today when you want to push something away, instead just sit down. Close your eyes, and for five minutes imagine yourself as a large container holding your own resistance.
The resistance may remain, but you are fighting it no longer. This is freedom. (Lasater)

Day 45- We are seeking wholeness, not perfection.
Find a wood floor. Spend a minute looking at its imperfections: knots, irregular grain and discoloration. Remember, these give the floor its beauty. They make it real. Allow yourself, too, to grow in wholeness and imperfections. (Lasater)

Day 46- Do with an open heart.
Maybe you agreed to do something but now you are wishing you hadn’t. If you choose to follow through in the end only do so with willingness and interest. You will suffer less and so will the others around you. (Lasater)

Day 47- The more difficult a thing is the more it requires softness.
When we encounter a difficult person or situation, we often respond with hardness. In your practice today choose a difficult situation and approach it with softness.
Become like the water that flows around a rough boulder gently washing against its edges (Lasater)

Day 48 – When I am resisting, I am suffering.
Resisting life is the root of suffering. If you feel agitated sad or afraid today ask yourself: “What am I resisting?”

Day 49 – Ninety-five percent of the mind is unconscious.
Breathe out mindfully and invite yourself to be comfortable with not knowing enough. Remember what you think is not all that you know.

Day 50- Today failure is irrelevant.
Try something you cannot do at all. Think a radically new thought. Never mind if something wasn’t as you expected. Remember that people who do not occasionally fall on their faces are not growing.

mindfulness quotes for teachers

Day 51 – Impatience is the surface of anger.
Anger takes many forms. Count how many times today you feel frustrated or irritated, or impatient. These are the number of times you have disconnected from yourself. (Lasater)

Day 52 – I will be happy when I _
No accomplishment alone provides happiness.
Breathe in mindfully. As you breathe out hold in your heart-mind a happy image: Someone or something that stimulates the feeling of happiness within you.
Keep this image for five long, easy breaths. Happiness is now.

Day 53 – The deepest level of your life is perfect.
No one’s life is easy. Spend a quiet moment and take stocks of your blessing. Say aloud, “Today I’m grateful for…”. Then realize that even with problems, on the deepest level your life is perfect.

Day 54 – Life is holy.
Can you find the holiness in a bow or the softness of an in-breath done with awareness? Make it a practice, not just an idea.

Day 55 – Uncovering the resistance.
In your meditation today breathe into your physical tensions and your mental agitation. Remember that practice allows resistance to surface so it can fly away.

Day 56 – The depth of my practice is revealed by how many times a day I get angry.
We cannot become angry unless we believe we are right. Today when you feel irritated about something breathe deeply and allow being right to melt into being present (Lasater).

Day 57 – Become a larger container for Spirit.
As you practice today imagine yourself with a bigger heart, and from there bestow your generosity. Give away something for a person in need, or better yet give your long-overdue forgiveness. (Lasater)

Day 58 – Each moment has the same potential for wholeness.
Wholeness is found not only in the special moments of being lost in an exquisite sunset or feeling the perfect balance of stillness in meditation. Every moment of your life can be just as whole if you allow it to be so.
Today, find the treasure in the most mundane moments. How did it go? (Lasater)

Day 59 – Meditation is not about avoiding difficulty.
When we try to avoid difficulty we create difficulty. Today allow your difficult emotions to express and observe them with love.

Day 60 – Clarity of intention.
Sit quietly. Create an intention for your practice before you begin. Repeat this mantra: “Today, I will focus my practice on inviting inner stillness”.

Day 61 – Meditation is about opening.
Today when you practice open yourself to receive. Open your chest and fill your lungs with new air. Open your heart to fill yourself with new energy. To grow, be ready to abandon your old self.

Day 62 – Why do we resist life?
When you feel resistance arising, first notice it. With a curious mind allow yourself to acknowledge completely the aspect of your life that your resistance represents.

Day 63 – Can I be at ease with it?
Three times today, stop, close your eyes and ask yourself: “What I am feeling right now? Can I be at ease with it?” Name it and wait for the answer.

Day 64 – Without discipline there is no art.
The art of meditation comes from the consistency of discipline. Today organize your life in a way that allows time and energy for your practice.

Day 65 – Work is necessary but making it stressful is not.
When you go to work today, breathe before you answer the phone. Pause for one breath before you answer your boss. (Lasater)

Day 66 – Be who you are, where you are.
The more we are ourselves the more we enjoy our lives. Today if you are in an uncomfortable, even restrictive situation don’t afraid to speak your truth with love (Lasater)

Day 67 – We spend too much time trying to fix everything.
Write down the three most common thoughts you have about how you should fix yourself and others. Remember, trying to fix yourself and others will never really work. Instead revel in your individuality, and celebrate the uniqueness of others. (Lasater)

Day 68 – Neither run from, nor seek out.
Don’t hide or cover your emotions when they arise. But don’t seek them out either by only focusing on your problems. Today cultivate a still and non-judging mind.

Day 69 – Be with what is.
Right now, be with what is. The sound of the radiator, a chair moving in the next room, the air in and out of your nostrils, pain, irritation, boredom or peace… Breathe them in.

Day 70 – Five recurring thoughts.
Today notice five recurring thoughts that take you away from your life as it is. When you have a chance write them down and burn the paper lovingly. Let those thoughts drift away with the smoke.

Day 71 – Meditation allows the pain that is already in us to be experienced.
When you meditate today don’t think of your negative feelings as a problem. Remember that the emotion is just your pain trying to get out and heal.

Day 72 – Let the problems be solved by simply being present.
When someone disagrees with you today, stay present, listen and then let them solve the problem.

Day 73 – The willingness to be present.
You can practice meditation all day, not just when you sit down to meditate. When you are truly present you are practicing meditation. Throughout your day repeat this mantra: “Right here, right now”.

Day 74 – Meditation does not solve our problems.
One of the greatest sources of our suffering is the attachment we have to finding “the solution “. Right now practice meditation for itself. Breathe and enjoy it right now.

Day 75 – Feel what you are feeling.
Sit down and close your eyes and just feel what you are feeling. Be with anger, with happiness, with boredom or with fatigue. Do not judge this feeling. As you watch them notice how your feelings transform.

Day 76 – With what attitude do you challenge your body?
In order to find balance between the need to challenge yourself and the need to nurture yourself, choose this mindfulness mantra when you meditate today: “I will move at the speed of my body, not my brain”

Day 77 – Practicing meditation is a loving act of respect.
In your practice today listen to your body, thoughts, and emotions with the same respect you would give to a good friend.

Day 78 – Honour yourself as part part of the Infinite.
Today close your eyes, and imagine that you are part of all that is around you regardless of whether you like it or not.

Day 79 – Never throw away your filter.
Despite the wisdom and power of the teachings you are the only master of yourself. Listen with a loving filter to the teaching, then absorb what resonates and let go of what doesn’t.

Day 80 – We don’t injure what we respect.
Treat all people you meet and all objects you handle with respect and mindfulness. At the end of the day notice how happy you feel.

Day 81 – Meditation practice allows our suffering to come to the surface.
“The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy” (TNH).

Day 82 – Thinking is active; awareness is receptive.
Sit quietly in a comfortable position and let yourself just receive each moment as it arises. No thinking or judgment.

Day 83 – It’s not about what comes in but what comes up
We often believe that what we learn from the outside makes us better mindfulness students. Today when you meditat, pay more attention to your own wisdom as it comes up.

Day 84 – Trust yourself first
Others can offer us advice and help, but deep inside we always know what is best for us. Today during the meditation session, consciously choose to trust yourself first whenever you make a decision.

Day 85 – Do what you love
Doing what you love is empowering and even health-enhancing.
Today do your meditation not to ‘achieve’ anything, nor for any of its benefit. Sit down just because you love it. Enjoy the sitting, the quietness and the silence.

Day 86 – Smile

Toda, in your meditation, allow a little smile that relaxes all the muscles on your face. Tomorrow morning smile to yourself first thing when you wake up. See how it changes your day.
“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, and sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 87 – We are not seeing a situation as it truly is if we have expectations.
Today in your meditation, visualize your mind as a calm lake reflecting the sky. The next time you are involved in a conflict, ask yourself: ‘What would I say now if I could see what the other person sees?’

Day 88 – Relaxation is the process of observing your tension.
Today find a quiet place, sit down or lie down on a comfortable surface, close your eyes and observe your tension. Relaxation will arise (Lasater)

Day 89 – Living well is not about being calm; it is about being present.
Today practice just being present with your emotions without reacting to them. Notice how they come and go (Lasater)

Day 90 – Beauty that does not fade.

Beauty arises and passes away like all other phenomena. Fame and fortune are no different. Only the peace, joy and freedom that are the fruits of meditation bring true happiness. Today cherish and take good care of all the moments left to you in this life. Be in touch with the beauty that does not fade. (The Buddha’s teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh)

I just find it so wonderful that you have finished the 90-day challenge! Let us continue our journey. It is effortless as it becomes part of our life now. Below are more of most inspiring mindfulness quotes for teachers to keep you going.

mindfulness quotes for teachers

Don’t stop, the journey continues…

Day 91 – Love is understanding.

Our love should bring peace and happiness to the ones we love. If our love is based on a selfish desire to possess others it will make them feel trapped. Today love in a way that makes the person you love feel free. Learn to understand her or his sufferings and aspirations. Love cannot exist without understanding. Love IS understanding. (The Buddha’s teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 92 – Sea water is always salty.

As seawater is always salty, mindfulness though revealed in countless ways, and there be countless practices, has only one taste. That is the taste of liberation. If the teaching doesn’t lead to liberation, it is not true teaching. (The Buddha’s teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 93 – Whatever you love has the power to transform you.

The only way we change is by love. When we love, our heart opens and we become vulnerable to that which we love. (Lasater)Today get in your meditation by bringing understanding into a hurtful situation. Embrace the experience with love. Notice how different you feel.

Day 94 – My main limitation is my own thoughts.

Find a quiet moment today and identify a recurring thought that limits your life. Ask yourself ‘What would I do if I believed I could?’ (Lasater)

Day 95 – We only laugh when we sense some truth; lies are never funny.

We laugh when we connect to the truth of something. Today when you laugh spend a moment considering what is true for you (Lasater)

Day 96 – My life is right now.

Stop looking. Life is already right here. (Lasater)

Day 97 – A river requires banks as well as flowing water.

Today find which parts of your mindful practice need steady and firm commitment, and which needs softness and flexibility. Balancing these two elements creates harmony in your practice and in life.

Day 98 – Celebrate your evolving understanding.

We all figure things out at our own pace. Today celebrate your evolving understanding of the world and your place in it. (Lasater)

Day 99 – Happiness lies deep within you.

Knowledge is important but it is not enough. Remember that your happiness lies deep within you, whether or not things on the surface are falling apart. As you go through your day, stop, take a deep breath, and remember this. Especially during the challenging moments. (Lasater)

Day 100 – Did I live 100 days or did I live less?

Let us take a little time to look back. During the last 100 days, have I lived fully each day, each hour, each minute? Resolve to live mindfully right now.

100 days of mindfulness challenge! I am sure today then that it can become part of my habit and my life! Continue your journey with these even more inspiring mindfulness quotes for teachers, selected for you.

Day 101 – Even if you worry twenty times more…It will not change the situation.

Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything. Today breathe and smile and live every moment of our life deeply. Even though things are not as we would like, we can still be content, knowing we are trying our best and will continue to do so. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 102 – Hello, Habit Energy.

We tend to stick to our habits. Even the ones that cause us to suffer. Workaholism is one example. We think about work all the time and don’t even have time to breathe. Today find moments to contemplate the cherry blossoms and drink our tea in mindfulness. Say “Hello, habit energy”. Recognize your habits and practice stopping. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 103 – My practice is not limited by location but by intention.

You do not need a cushion to practice meditation. Today repeat this intention to yourself whenever you can: “I can practice meditation right here, right now”. This intention will transform your day. (Lasater)

Day 104 – All views are wrong views.

No view can ever be the truth. It is just from one point. That is why it is called “a point of view “. From the viewpoint of ultimate reality, Right View is the ABSENCE of all views. When we practice mindful living our Right View will blossom. And all the other elements of the path in us will flower, also. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 105 – The greatest strength we possess is the unwillingness to give up hope.

Strength is not always obvious. Think about a challenge you face in your life. Sit down today and imagine that situation from a hopeful viewpoint. Then act as if that hope were an actuality. (Lasater)

Day 106 – Time is big.

Our belief that we don’t have enough time is false. We have all the time there is to have. We just fill it up with too much. Today when you feel rushed, say aloud “Time is big”. (Lasater).

Day 107 – My beliefs are just my beliefs.

Beliefs are really only important because we believe them. Ask yourself right now: “Can I honor my beliefs and yet understand they are not a true reflection of reality?” (Lasater)

Day 108 – Just as vegetation is sensitive to sunlight, mental formations are sensitive to mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps us leave behind “upside-down perceptions ” and wake us up to what is happening. Today, not only sit and watch your breath, but practice mindfulness all day long. Train yourself to always come back to the present moment, and touch life deeply. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 109 – Nothing can be true if it is also harmful.

There are many ways to speak the truth. Remember today that your words leave a residue. Choose them carefully so you can speak the truth with sweetness (Lasater)

Day 110 – We are only part-time Buddha.

A Buddha (awakened being) is someone who is mindful all day long. We are only part time Buddha. Today be alive and present to all the wonders of life that are available. With mindfulness, we can change the world and bring happiness to many people. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 111 – A good gardener knows the way to grow flowers from compost…

Just so right mindfulness accepts everything without judging or reacting. It is inclusive and loving (Thich Nhat Hanh) Today when you face something unpleasant, dwell fully in mindfulness. Let go of any expectation. Just be.

Day 112 – Let go into your strength.

We often think that strength is about being able to push something away or hold something back. But strength can be about letting go. Today breathe in and let go into the strength you already have. Create an hour with no commitment or struggle. (Lasater)

Day 113 – Just enough for each.

Do you overdo some things and underdo others? For toda, see if you can apply just enough effort to each task. This requires that you stay present. (Lasater)

Day 114 – Practice requires listening.

Too often we practice by telling our body and mind what to do. Today on your meditation cushion spend more time in each breath listening to your body and enjoying the sitting.

Day 115 – How we deal with conflict reflects our understanding.

What do you do in a conflict? Demand your way or melt in fear? Today when you find yourself in a small conflict, take a deep breath and open your heart before you speak.

Day 116 – What would my life be like without this recurring thought

We all have thoughts that repeat time and again. Today when one of these thoughts arises, notice it, take a breath, and consciously let it go (Lasater)

Day 117 – Open and receive.

Today when someone offers you something – an inviting smile, a warm cup of tea or a chance to go ahead in a line, receive it completely and without reservation (Lasater)

Day 118 – The elements will recombine.

Take a deep look at me. Look at the green leaves on the branches outside your window. Life continues. As life continues, so do you. The temporary body arises from four elements which dissolve only to endlessly recombine again. Today in your meditation, breathe in and out deeply. Know that although our bodies can pass away, life and death can never bind us. (The Buddha, by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 119 – Feel the moment.

Information is not sufficient for a well-lived life. Unfortunately, you can know all the facts and still be miserable. Open your heart and feel the moment as well as understand it. (Lasater)

Day 120 – Being aware can become a habit.

Right now take a deep breath and settle into this very moment. Look around. However familiar the surrounding find something new to look at, or see a familiar thing in a new way. Cultivate this practice through the day whenever possible. (Lasater)

Day 121 – Strength and rigidity are not the same thing.

The ability to bend and flow without losing your center is the manifestation of strength (Lasater).Today breathe in and out deeply when you face a difficult situation. Deal with it by confidence and softness.

Day 122 – The “non-practice”.

When we stop discussing things and begin to realize the teaching in our own life, our life IS the path. Our practice becomes “non-practice “. A moment comes when the boundary has been transcended. And our practice cannot be set back. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 123 – Being old has its own joy.

Young people are like a source of water from the top of the mountain. Always trying to go as quickly as possible.But when you become a river going through the low land, you are much more peaceful. You reflect many clouds and the beautiful blue sky. You can be very happy being an old person (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 124 – The raft is not the shore.

The teaching is like a raft that carries you to the other shore. The raft is needed, but the raft is not the other shore. It is just a vehicle to describe the truth. Do not become caught in the teaching. You must be able to let it go. (The Buddha’s teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh)

Day 125 – Neither good nor bad.

When I judge another, I limit that person as well as myself. If you are disappointed about something you’ve done, ask yourself: “Are my actions kind? Do they support my values?” Just for today, refuse to judge yourself as good or bad.

Day 126 – A windless place

When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place. Bhagavad Gita

Day 127 – Preferences do not limit our life.

We all have preferences: the blue shirt over the red, tea instead of coffee. Preferences do not limit our life. What limits it is the resistance when we don’t get our way. This feeling is attachment, which constricts enjoyment. Today when the feeling of attachment arises notice it and consciously let it go. What happened? (Lasater)

Day 128 – What I bring to my meditation cushion is really my whole life at this moment.

Moods, thoughts and beliefs are as much a part of your practice as your body. When you sit on the meditation cushion today take a deep breath. Feel the whole of your being practicing.

Day 129 – To change the body affects the mind.When we change the body, we affect the mind.

Whether by yoga, breathing or meditation. Before you practice spend some quiet moments noticing the state of your mind. At the end of your practice do the same. (Lasater)

Day 130 – Does the rose have “to do” something?

No, the purpose of the rose is “to be” a rose. Your purpose is to be yourself. No need to run anywhere to become someone else. You are wonderful just as you are. Today enjoy yourself, the blue sky, and everything that is refreshing and healing in the present moment. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Bring into depth your practice and teaching

I am so happy we have done this journey together. How do you feel today? I believe those who have done it with you have their lives changed already. These mindfulness quotes for teachers bring into depth your practice and teaching. I am sure it will help motivate your students on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate to recommend this 130-day mindfulness challenge with those it might help.

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