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What is Meditation Today?

Meditation is not simply a process of reflection or contemplation, nor is it mere daydreaming or relaxation. Meditation is a technique or practice that involves training your attention and mental awareness and bringing your mental focus under control.

Tips For Daily Meditation

There are many daily meditation tips and I hope that this article will bring some of the more helpful ones together. I know from my own experience that when searching online for daily mediation tips, the results that you get are so great that you can feel smothered by them. All you want is to know about those that really do help with your meditating and not all the mishmash in between!

How to Use a Meditation MP3 Recording

Why would you use a meditation MP3 recording versus meditating without technology, or using a CD that is meant for meditation? There are several advantages. First, you can easily get your meditation MP3 download in just minutes.

Playing With Your Brainwave Frequencies

As you read this your brainwave frequencies are mostly in the Beta range, roughly between fourteen and thirty hertz. This means they are primarily cycling between fourteen and thirty times per second. The Beta state is the normal state of consciousness when you are awake.

Make Binaural Beats Work For You – Some Tips For Getting the Most Out of Binaural Beat Meditation

Many are discovering the great rewards that come through regular use of binaural beats. Learn how to make the most of this brainwave entrainment by following the tips in this article.

What is Meditation?

When people think about what it means to engage in meditation, the stereotypical image usually pops to mind is one of some sort of Chinese were Tibetan monk sitting on top of a mountain, contemplating the nature of the universe. They see it as something that only people that are detached or unplugged from civilized society do, and don’t view meditation as something that can be beneficial to them in their own lives.

Easy Meditation Technique

People hear the word meditation and automatically a little limber monk in a pretzel-like posture is overcoming their imagination. This is far from the norm. Mainstream media has a funny way of making true arts & sciences look like novelty acts. This simple technique will defy all the spoofs surrounding this important practice.

Top Three Meditating Tips For Idiots

You aren’t really an idiot, the proof of it is that you are looking for ways to improve your meditation! Although you aren’t an idiot, it’s possibly that you feel idiotic in your first few meditation sessions. You might feel self conscious, awkward and just plain weird.

Benefits of Meditation – Bust Your Stress Away

There have been many studies which have shown that there are many benefits of meditation. Stress has almost become a part of our daily lives and there are times that we fail to recognize it as stress because we have been used to it. This is not good. The good news is that we can alleviate stress with the use of meditation. There are many benefits of meditation and one of them is reduction of stress.

Meditation For Beginners

Meditation happens when you are able to transcend the mind and connect with your source or what some call spirit or God. To get there requires much discipline because one needs to know how to relax the physical body and calm your mind.

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