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Relieve Your Work Stress With Yoga

Everyone has some stress in their everyday work responsibilities. Whether your stress is about deadline pressure, overwhelming workloads or dealing with difficult people, it is a common problem for all. Take advantage of the stress relieving benefits of yoga to help you through your days.

Some Tips on Yoga Practice

Many people think that they need to be flexible to begin yoga, which is not true. Yoga is a kind of exercise that improves your flexibility. No matter what your physical fitness, you can practice yoga and you will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible. But when you practice yoga, you should start slowly and listen to your body and its limits.

Yoga – The Fountain of Youth

Most people have heard of yoga (after all, the origins date back some 10,000 years!) But not many people appreciate the vast and wonderful benefits that come with practicing yoga regularly. It is not something only slim, flexible people can enjoy – yoga is for everyone! Try it today and you too can enjoy the benefits. (Please check with your doctor first before starting any new form of exercise.)

Breathing and Yoga Pranayama

In yoga, breathing is a fundamental component of the entire exercise routine, and it helps in many more ways than just staying alive. There are many forms of yoga, and with each comes a focus on breathing. In yoga, breathing exercises are referred to as Pranayama. These Pranayama exercises are performed with the Asanas, or poses.

Relieve Stress With Basic Yoga Relaxation and Meditation Techniques

Given today’s stressful environment and the negative impact it has on our health, it is imperative that we can find an effective method of relaxing and unwinding. Through the years many people have successfully used the well known relaxation and meditation techniques widely used in Yoga.

All the Reasons to Practice Yoga

Yoga is gaining importance recently over the world as it includes mind and body fitness. Yoga offers a holistic approach to the body health and mind, as it views both, mind and body as inseparable. The reasons worth considering doing yoga as a routine is because it trains the body and the mind through asanas involving poses as well as postures.

Classical Yoga Traditions

Until recently there were no formal yoga classes nor was Yoga taught in the schools in India. Parents serve as the initial spiritual guides for children as they do everywhere in teaching ethical and moral principles. However with an explosion of interest in Hatha Yoga all over the world there is a general need to remind aspirants of the reason for the traditions and the spiritual purpose of the practices demonstrated beyond the home.

Yoga Asanas – Their Purpose

Mastering Yoga Asanas offers the third stage in traditional training in the 8 fold system prescribed by Patanjali in classical Yoga. Traditional training in Hatha Yoga encourages mastery of some or all of the 84 classic Asanas over a period of time. This demands skill in both strength and flexibility. When assuming any Asana we must use discrimination and refrain from “performing” an attitude of body just for the sake of it, without having a reason and purpose.

Yoga and the Increase in Yoga Holidays

Yoga is one of the worlds most popular pastimes. Now increasing numbers of people are combining their love of yoga with their love of travel.

The Powerful Alpha State

The Alpha state of brain wave activity is a state of mind which is relaxed, but aware. At the alpha state the brainwaves run at about 8 to 12 cycles per seconds or hertz. The rest of our waking moments for the most part are in beta, the ‘normal’ state of 13-25 hertz.

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