Meditation 6 Connecting with throat Chakra

Sparkling Breath Meditation

Find a comfortable posture to maintain for 10 to 20 minutes. If you are lying down, lie in Savasana (shah-VAH-sa-nah) – heels together, toes apart, legs relaxed**, spine long, shoulder blades tucked under, back of the neck long, chin slightly tucked, squeeze arms to your sides but stretch them down as far as you can, palms face up. (If you are seated in a chair, feet are flat on the floor, back is straight, neck neutral, chin level with the floor, hands rest on legs either palms up or down.

An Overview of Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Meditation requires time and practice. Imagine having total control over your mind instead of your mind controlling you. Buddhist meditation techniques help one develop and discipline their minds and if you practice these techniques regularly, you will soon find a gradual positive change in your mind, making it free of any fear and be an owner of a healthier body, stronger mind and enlightened soul.

Buddhist Are the Inventors of the Meditation Techniques

It seems to be very near the truth, if we say that Buddhist were the inventors of the meditation. The Buddhist meditation techniques are the best and worldwide recommended for the stress relief.

Powerful Benefits of Living in the Moment Exposed

Ever been “In the Zone?” Maybe during sport competition? Or maybe you were caught up in playing a video game you really enjoyed? Didn’t time seem to fly by? What felt like five minutes was actually a few hours. We’ve all been there.

How to Overcome Common Obstacles During Your Meditation Practice

Is your meditation practice turning into an obstacle course? Are you wondering whether you should even be having any thoughts at all? Are you feeling more stress now that you’ve started meditating? And how will you overcome those hurdles to reduce stress?

The Benefits of Meditation in Our Modern Society

The benefits of meditation are countless; physically, mentally and emotionally, including the regain of self-worth and self-esteem. Find out why meditation is so beneficial especially in our modern western society and how you can improve your life by mastering the art of stillness.

Meditation Cushions and Practice Postures

The body’s role during meditation is to support our mind, freeing and positioning our body parts so we can maintain a single focal point. There are two basic categories of postures, sitting and kneeling. It is imperative that you evaluate your posture prior to choosing both the positions and meditation cushions best designed for your practice.

Breathing Meditation – Three Benefits to This Simple Exercise

There are many schools of meditation that complicate this perfectly natural process which we should all be able to put into practice. But if we remove the dogma and take something as simple as breathing meditation and put it into practice the benefits that you will experience are life changing. Breathing meditation leads to quieting the mind from the barrage of negative self-talk that is rampant in nearly all of us.

Preparation for Meditation – Ideas to Help

How does one empty oneself of distractions and prepare successfully for meditation? If you are to have a productive meditation is it necessary to prepare and do you have a better experience if you do?

Learn How to Meditate Correctly

So you want to learn how to meditate but you don’t know where to start from. Well if this is your purpose, you came to the right place, because in this article I will explain the most important things about meditation and what you need to know to start this amazing insight journey. First of all, you must know what you are meditating for, so you must set a purpose or a goal from which you will see your progress or realizations. I do not encourage people to meditate for material things and don’t even think about meditating for negative or bad things.

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