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The Only 3 Rules of Yoga Practice

The only things you need to follow in order to advance in Yoga are actually very simple. They are in the foundation of Yoga science, and, once followed will become the norms of your life. I am basing these on my experience, research and communication with my Yoga instructors.

Cobra Pose and Its Benefits in Yoga

A very common posture of Hatha yoga is called the cobra pose or Bhujangasana in Sanskrit. It is derived from the words Bhujanga for snake and Asana for pose. It is a basic yoga pose that is used in almost all different types of yoga. It is done by lying flat on the stomach and placing the hands palms flat on the floor in alignment with the shoulder. Then without lifting the abdomen, the head and chest are raised, arching the spine with a deep inhalation. The pose is held for a few seconds before lowering the body while exhaling at the same time. It is important to gain maximum stretching of the body from this pose to reap the complete benefits.

Managing Back Pain With Yoga

Back pain is a very common occurrence for a number of people today and even with the help of pain blockers and relievers, it proves to be bothersome. Most back problems are related to weak back muscles and absence of flexibility from the body, which causes even the smallest amount if pressure or strain on the back to cause pain in the area. In order to lead a healthy and pain free life, people suffering from either acute or mild back pain should learn to manage it with the help of yoga. Currently there are many forms of yoga practice that are easily available in all Western countries, so it is quite simple to change your lifestyle to incorporate yoga into it for a healthier life.

The Relationship Between Breathing, Strength and Flexibility in Yoga

In my experiences of running track and playing football as a teenager, weight lifting as a young adult, and now doing yoga as a senior, I have learned that breathing is a very important component in my performance. I see a very close relationship between breathing, energy and body movement, including flexibility. I might add that breathing also can be very closely connected to emotions.

Ashtanga Yoga – Easy, Fast and Most Effective

First of all, I would like to share that liberation and limitless happiness are the major benefits of Ashtanga Yoga. There are other wonderful physical, emotional, mental and intellectual benefits of Ashtanga Yoga waiting to be experienced by everyone.

Prevent Wrist Injury With Yoga – Five Simple Poses to Try at Home

Recently, a friend took a spill while rollerblading, and ended up with a broken wrist. I was surprised, because he was a big, strong guy in his early forties, and quite physically active. Falling occasionally happens to almost everyone, more often as we age, and injuries often occur in areas that are more susceptible, such as wrists.

Hot Yoga Benefits For a Better Body

Do you think that you’d like to lose fat, release some stress, improve your energy, and clear up your mind? If you said yes to any of those questions then yoga is your answer. You’re probably wondering about what some of the hot yoga benefits are.

Leg and Feet Stretches at the Office

Yoga has many benefits, including flexibility, strength, and relaxation. When many people think about yoga, they think about bodies twisted into incredibly painful and contorted positions.

An Overview of Yoga Gear – Do I Really Need All This Stuff?

Times have changed, but yoga has not. Not much gear is needed to practice yoga today, just as was the case in ancient India. What little gear is needed can be divided into two categories – essential and optional.

Yoga Body Fitness in a Stressful World

Yoga is an ancient practice that has healing, pain reducing and weight loss and strength properties. Yoga body fitness can also relieve stress.

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