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Types of Meditation

Since the dawn of mankind, meditation has created altered states of consciousness and taught self-mastery. Of course modern-day stresses are drastically different than those that primitive hunter-gatherers endured; but the prehistoric man’s fascination with the flames of a campfire – resulting in non-structured meditation – has remained central to what it is to be human.

3 Tips for Beginners Looking to Start Meditating

A lot of people often say that because of their busy schedules, they succumb to a lot of stress. However, this isn’t something that can’t be fixed with just a bit of meditation. Then again, there are those individuals who claim that they can’t find time to do so. Either that, or they simply cannot discipline themselves to effectively meditate. As a matter of fact, all it takes is just a few tips to get started. Making use of the pointers provided below will definitely contribute to a rather easy process in meditating. As long as you keep an open mind, you can simply get better at it, thus allowing you to be free of worries whenever troubles haunt you.

Meditation and Its Health Benefits

In this stressful world we find ourselves longing for relief with various people and products willing to sell it to us. But one simple and low cost or free activity that everyone can participate in is meditation. Meditation is shutting out the external world in an attempt to control our minds by focusing on a single idea or thing. With practice this concentration will turn into meditation leaving us with numerous health benefits.

The Mantra – A Powerful Means To Self Realisation When Used In Meditation

The MANTRA is a mystic formula – a sound, a syllable, a word or phrase containing special powers, they are chanted aloud to create force fields or repeated within to quieten and harmonise the mind. The inner bodies are calmed and purified through the powerful subtle emanations of the inner mantra. The mantra is bestowed by an Initiated Master who has been entrusted with the responsibilities and powerful mysteries which must be performed when bestowing such a mantra, given otherwise the mantra has no power and is useless.

How Meditation Works And Why It Will Work For You

Meditation benefits are many and varied, but all share a common source: awareness. Explained here is how meditation restores awareness, and why it is sure to work for you.

What Is Meditation In Today’s World?

Accordingly to, “What Is Meditation?” It says Meditation is any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit. I fully agree with the definition. I would like to simplify it in my own words, “to meditate, is to train your mind, to realize some benefit”. Read on to find out what is meditation all about and how it can benefit you… ?

Third Eye Meditation and the Pineal Gland

Do you want to open and activate your third eye chakra? Then this article may interest you. The third eye chakra, or the ajna chakra, is our sixth chakra and is located in the middle of the forehead just between the eyebrows. This chakra (and the crown chakra) is connected to our spirituality. It has the colour indigo or purple…

Meditation Tips and Tools

There are so many great things you can do or use to make your meditation practice as good as possible. Below is a list if some great tips and tools you can use to improve your meditation and to create an inspiring space for meditation. Water – Listening to the sound of water is one of the most relaxing elements you can find. If you live nearby a lake, river or beach…

Give Yourself a Break – What Is Meditation and The Purpose of Meditation?

With all the turmoil and chaos happening in the world, have you found time do some self-reflection? Do you ever give yourself a break? Have you ever considered meditation? Meditation allows us to look back on and/or think deeply about ourselves, life’s issues and spiritual matters. There are a lot of different approaches that a person can utilize to help them reach their full potential. Mediation is a way that can assist you in reaching your optimum potential.

An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a skilful means for working with our distracted minds. Through the practice of mindfulness and awareness, we bring our minds home and slowly are revealed the compassion and wisdom that are our true nature – who we really are.

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