Listening to My Elf Self

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Years ago, I wrote a piece about our inner elf, that your elf leads you to embrace your True Self. From the word, SELF, I took away the letter S. It was then I saw the trickster at work; our little mind, our inner elf is always hiding within our true greater Self.

At times, we are reminded that our little elf is distracting us with all the ways we avoid coming inward. The mind is playing tricks with the constant chatter of outer noise and shiny objects. How the elf loves to trick us up with distractions. But to go inside to that inner sanctuary of stillness and be absorbed in the quality of calming, gentle peacefulness, the elf can rest in its greater Self, the soul.

I’m reminded of the elf as I have been in the land of great mystic possibility. Leading my retreat in Iceland, the land of fire and ice, these last ten days has awakened my curiosity about the elf, the trolls, and the magic that this land inspires.

Our daily lives are so consumed with the pragmatic rituals of staying busy. Our schedules are filled with necessary “doing” activities that we seldom ever allow our mind to come back to the essence of pure “being”.

The habit or pattern of the learned mind is to strive. We are, as a collective, wired to the need to do more. Survival is linked to the primal need of sustaining our physical body at the expense of suffering in our emotional and spiritual life. Slowing down is not our pattern, nor is letting go of the outcome. To actually make time and space to come inward is counterintuitive to our little mind.

Coming to this amazing place to nourish, the elf has led me inward. Laughter, humor, and the curious nature of my elf wanted me to make this extraordinary journey. Nature is the greatest reminder of connection to the Source.

For the last two years, throughout all the obstacles of Covid-19, I have held the intention of coming to this distant land. It has not disappointed. I had no idea my elf was calling me. I had become numb to the sweet trickster and I had to fall in love again with the magic.

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