Life must be lived spontaneously


The word Grace has such a welcoming vibe. As Annie Lamont reminded me, “To summon, Grace, say ‘HELP’ and then put on your seatbelt. Grace finds you exactly where you are, but she won’t let you where she found you.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. What changes us, heals us, and ultimately transforms us is liberation and letting chaos begin.

I have no idea how a year later we got here! It has been a journey and yet together we believe that our community has supported the journey so far. We are opening the doors and raising the windows as we return to those sweet spontaneous moments of greeting. To be able to hear laughter, smell the smell of some passing aroma, be it a hair conditioner, a familiar but forgotten oil or just the smell of a wonderful fresh detergent, I want to smell again, taste and see the unexpected life in full coexistence.

Zooming has a great purpose for our survival, but my hunger for a genuine hug is my devotion to keeping humanity alive. Life must be lived spontaneously. The freedom to listen to a conversation and learn something new, or to be included in a conversation that arose from a moment shared with each other. Pause and listen to others pass by and feel like they belong in a shared space.

I miss the living energy of shared souls. I know I’m not alone in this desire to be together and hopefully, the inspiration to return to our sweet center will come as May begins. We’ve added some new classes and new teachers, and hopefully new faces will soon feel like starting an internship at YAF.

Thank you to everyone who is willing to get vaccinated, and we appreciate the respect of each student who continues to care for each other, regardless of prejudices and patterns learned. We are very lucky to be in this place now.


Laura Jane

#Life #lived #spontaneously

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