How To Be An Excellent Yoga Student

It’s common to hear people saying that they don’t understand anything taught in a yoga class. While it’s normal to feel lost during the first few classes, you soon get the hang of it and in no time become a pro. Although, your aim is to understand yoga, there are measures that you can put in place to ensure that you not only understand yoga, but you also get the most from your teachers.

Excellent Yoga Poses To Lose Weight

Yoga is known for its integral role in relieving stress. The good news is that it can also be used to reduce weight. The reason as to why yoga can be used in weight reduction is because it aids in increasing the rate of metabolism which aids in burning fat. To lose weight, you need to practice various poses. Some of the most effective posses include…

5 Poses That Help In Boosting Happiness

I bet that you already knew about the connection of yoga and happiness. But did you know some particular poses which can boost happiness instantly? In this article I talk about 5 such happiness boosting yoga poses.

4 Myths About Yoga Home Practice

Often we want to start our yoga home practice due to some specific reasons, but we just don’t get started because of some common myths. In this article I try to demystify those useless myths, which may be holding you back from starting your home practice.

When Should You Ignore Your Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teachers offer too much support and guidance to us. Their help must be appreciated and they must be trusted for their valuable knowledge and advice. But still sometimes it’s just better to ignore them. In this article I talk about some occasions when you should simply ignore your yoga teacher for your own sake.

5 Yoga Poses That Help in Boosting Creativity

If your work requires creativity as an essential, I bet that often you feel stuck into a creativity block that doesn’t allow the ideas to flow. At that time a creativity boosting pose of yoga can turn out to be extremely effective. In this article I talk about 5 such poses.

Restorative Yoga And Its Importance On Health During Sickness

Often when we fall sick, we prefer the way of doing rest until we get back to normal. But what we don’t realize that we can get back to normal in a quicker manner if we add a session of Restorative yoga to our schedule. In this article I talk about the importance of restorative yoga when you fall sick.

Be Part of A Yoga Community For Better Experience

Learning yoga can turn out to be even more fun if we become a part of any community. In this article I describe how I made long-lasting relationships along with my health by the help of yoga communities.

4 Most Confusing Things You’ll Hear in A Yoga Class

The yoga vocabulary is often heard but less often understood. So in this article I break down 4 most important and common phrases from that vocabulary, which must be known by every yoga practitioner.

5 Reasons Which Describe the Importance of Pranayama

Sometimes it is possible to get too much of a good thing easily, but we neglect it undermining its capabilities. Same thing happens with Pranayama too. Its importance is often under-utilized, which should not happen. So in this article I break down the importance of Pranayama in 5 bullet points.

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