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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga which is a rage in the western world was introduced by Indians in the 18th century. Yogic techniques are used by a lot of Hollywood stars and has now become a fashion statement. Yoga has now been customized to suit the needs of the masses which is very different from those who practicing it in ancient times.

3 Dead Simple Exercises to Build Washboard Abs

It’s a belief among Yoga experts that the chakra that rules the abdominal area is the “Solar Plexus Chakra”. In Sanskrit, this chakra is referred to as “Manipura”. It is the one that’s responsible for helping energy flow throughout the body. Apart from this, it also controls the willpower and character strength. It happens to be one of the most critical or important chakras in your body. Yoga exercises help an individual in various dimensions and ways.

How to Look Fashionable While Doing Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Hindu discipline which advances control over the mind and the body. It means the unification of the body, mind and the spirit.

Yoga Pants – Look Stylish While Doing Yoga

Yoga has quickly caught up with all developed nations, especially the USA. The reason for its popularity is that this form of exercise mainly concentrates on breathing.

Yoga Therapy – Boost the Immune System Through Yogic Relaxation and Yoga Therapy

How can yogic relaxation boost the immune system? Yoga practitioners develop self observation skills even during the relaxation at the end of the yoga class. Relaxation exercises are a welcome end to a yoga class; and it is very common to hear a comment like, “Ah, this is the best part” when it is time for shavasana, the corpse pose. Most times we remain alert while relaxing, though hearing a snore, even our own, will definitely perk us up more.

Hatha Yoga – One of the Best Yoga Methods For All Ages

Are you a young athlete who thrives on power workouts? Are you a baby boomer and stressed? Are you a senior citizen who needs to stretch those hamstrings? Hatha Yoga can be the yoga method for you.

What Your Yoga Poses Are Telling You

Yoga shows us the strong connection between the mind and body. Many of the yoga exercises reveal secrets into the limitations we set for ourselves.

How to Select Yoga Equipment For Beginners

One of the tasks a yoga beginner might find daunting is determine the yoga equipment they will need to begin their practice. To make matters worse is that when you go out looking for products, you will often have the flashy, fancy, expensive products shoved in your face. While you may need specific yoga equipment to get started, you do not have to spend a fortune on it.

Yoga Gurus – Recognizing the True Ones

Yoga sells well. So, many people proclaim themselves as yoga gurus. But, true yoga gurus are hard to find. This articles covers points which help in identifying a true yoga guru.

Things You Must Know Before Starting Bikram Yoga

So what happens in a Bikram yoga class and what are the benefits? If you watch a Bikram yoga video or join a class you will see poses being practiced by the yogis. People will be sweating quite extremely and yet still continue to practice.

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