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Teaching Yoga and Building Self-Confidence

Many Yoga teachers seem to glow with self-confidence. Most Yoga instructors willingly accept invitations to participate as guest speakers at local health fairs, conventions, or health expos. Where does all this confidence come from? Is it an inherent quality or an outgrowth from teaching Yoga to others?

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is very different to the gentle practice of Restorative Yoga. In fact Ashtanga Yoga is a lovely choice for people who are strong and healthy but it would not be a good choice for anyone who has been recently ill, is suffering from burnout or quite chronic stress related conditions such as high blood pressure, severe headaches or chronic fatigue syndrome.

5 Tips For Pregnant Yogis

Your physical world changes drastically when you’re pregnant. Follow these 5 easy tips to continue a safe practice and get the most out of your precious remaining alone time.

Yoga Retreats – How to Choose the Right One

Do you want to retreat into yourself or have a social outdoor adventure? Some centers have several groups intermingling at meals, at the pool, dance parties, or are centrally located in a town with street noise, music, etc.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Singing – Breathing Exercises For Fitness Instructors

Improve your yoga and Tai Chi teaching by better breathing. This article explores the benefits of better breath control for those working in the health and fitness industry.

Tips and Props For Getting Started With Yoga

To achieve the yoga glow-like zen, we have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips and props to help you start out small, and end up happy and limber with a glow all your own.

BKS Iyengar Yoga – A Wonderful Art Form

B. K. S. Iyengar, born in 1918, started studying yoga in 1936 to assists with his health condition. Today he has schools across the world and several of his children also assists him as directors of the Iyengar Yoga Memorial Institute in India. He has various books on yoga and is an authority of the practice.

Yoga Asanas For Backaches

Backaches are mainly caused by a misalignment of the spine which in turn are caused by bad posture or injury brought about by things like sudden movements or carrying excess weights. The best course of action in treatment of back pain is to stretch and rest the spine, allowing it to realign itself as much as possible.

Christian Yoga? This Sounds Like an Oxymoron

Christian Yoga may sound like an oxymoron but it actually has strong spiritual benefits for Christians. Read this article to discover the secrets of yoga and Christianity.

Raja Yoga – Simple Spirit of Psychology

It is important for the human psyche to have a concept or perceptions of our origin and our ultimate life destination. This motivates the study of psychology.Although Indian scholars of Vedic lore will be capable of more profound discussions of psychology, most of us wish to use the tenets of Raja Yoga philosophy and teachings to help us towards the spiritual goal by relying upon the three simplest definitions of the psyche as an adjunct to what is already known to us through western psychology. We seek to find life’s ultimate purpose.

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