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What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Yamuna Body Rolling is a fitness concept geared around exercise balls. It is a combination of yoga and ball-based exercise practices. Yamuna has specifically designed their equipment to work safely and effectively. Anyone who has experience with yoga, stretching exercises, or general fitness can see benefits from this method.

Yoga – Could This Be the Best Exercise Around?

The benefits of Yoga are greater than many people realize. With simple and effective body movements, the exercises can help to strengthen your back, firm your stomach and redistribute your body weight.

Getting the Most Out of Your Yoga Class – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

As a very popular form of exercise, yoga has different benefits based on the form of Yoga you practice. The results can be calming or exciting, relaxing or energizing, meditative or social. Regardless of what your yoga class promotes, here are a few tips for getting the most out of each class.

Lose That Gut With Yoga – 4 Poses That Target Your Abdomen

When most people indicate they need to lose weight, it is often in the abdominal area where they have the hardest time seeing any results. And while this is a common problem, an uncommon solution for this can be found in yoga.

Yoga, Pilates and Your Health

Recently, I started taking Yoga and Pilates and have really enjoyed the added benefits that it has brought to my life. Initially, I looked into yoga classes to help improve my flexibility as well as to help me manage stress better in my life (because I tend to be high-strung at times). However, upon taking the first few classes, I realized that there is so much more to these practices. While I am still unable to touch my toes, my overall flexibility has greatly improved from what it used to be. I am more aware of my posture when I am standing or sitting, and doing Yoga has brought an entirely new awareness to my breathing.

A Simple Guide to Buying Yoga Bags – Part 1

Most serious yoga practitioners want their own yoga mat that they take with them to class. Yoga bags combine form and function and having one becomes a necessity for you to carry your mat in.

3 Essential Yoga Tips For Great Results

People look at yoga in many ways. Some consider it a replacement or alternative to other forms of exercise, for example Pilates or spinning classes. Some look at it as a way to relax and become more at ease with one’s life and environment.

A Simple Guide to Buying Yoga Bags – Part 2

Most serious practitioners yoga want their own yoga mat that they take with them to class. Yoga bags combine form and function and having one becomes a necessity for you to carry your mat in.

Seven Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient science which was practiced some 5000 years ago not in any gurukul but on a battlefield. Indian epic Mahabharata says yoga lessons were first imparted by Lord Krishna to his pupil Arjuna the third pandava.

Silence – Why Kundalini Yoga Scares People!

In my many years of teaching I have come to the conclusion that the exercise that scares people the most is sitting still in silence. Why? In our culture we are programmed early on that resting, doing nothing for a short period of time, is a result of being lazy.

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