Journey to the depths of our soul

How do we connect with our soul? How can we be faithful to our deepest self? Master hypnotherapist Joseph Kao has created a program called Transformation dayey to the depths of the soul to help us awaken who we really are and what we are here to do.

Join Joe, iAwake CEO John Dupuy, and fellow brainstorming artist Douglas Prater in this in-depth conversation on how guided meditation with dynamic brainstorming sound technology it can support a deep inner journey and help you rediscover your soul.

In this conversation, Joe, John and Doug talk about:

  • The quality of uniqueness of our soul
  • Where to start to rediscover your soul?
  • Open to a more present, embodied and grounded sense of being alive
  • What brain wave states / frequencies best support this inner journey?
  • Hypnogic states can free us from our habitual and habitual rigidity.
  • The need for clarity and to see us objectively from the outside
  • Bursts of range, offset frequencies, and layered soundscapes help drive this program forward to foster true, transformative change.
  • How to use these clues: Take your time. Treat it like a ritual.
  • Committed to change, to live your life with a soul

A beautiful soundscape and voice that take me to another realm. ” – Paul Ennemoser,


Joseph Kao, creator of Journey to the Depths of the Soul

Josep Kao, creator of the popular Profound Releasing, Profound Renewal, Sound Asleep and Journey to the Center of the Self is a hypnotherapist and solutions-focused therapist with a private practice in London and Cambridge, UK. Joe has been fascinated by philosophy, meditation, and brainwave entry technology since he was a teenager, and has been practicing meditation daily since 1998.


John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake Technologies

Joan Dupuy is the CEO of iAwake Technologies and travels internationally to teach and inspire comprehensive recovery, comprehensive transformative practice, and the use of brainwave input technology to deepen the practice of meditation and the treatment of addiction, depression and PTSD.


Douglas Prater

Douglas Prater is the creator of iAwake’s Stealing the flow, Infinity, Rainstorm Sleepwave, and more! He is an author, meditator, fitness enthusiast and musician with a degree in Music: Sound Recording Technology from Texas State University. Doug is committed to the art of deep practice in all areas of life.


Heidi Mitchell, editor

This blog was created by Heidi Mitchell, longtime assistant to John Dupuy and iAwake blog manager. John introduced Heidi to comprehensive practice and enhanced meditation by brainwave input in 2007. Heidi is also a freelance publisher of nonfiction books, blogs, and websites. You can contact her at