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How to Use Yoga to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder basically characterized by inadequate time of good quality sleep. Insomnia can be primary or secondary.

Yoga Pose Anyone Can Do to Relieve Tension and Relax the Mind and Body

What does it mean to relax the mind and body? Do you put on the television to relax? Do you prefer to sit in silence and relive the events of the day?

Yoga Tree Pose

The yoga tree pose is one of the most popular and relaxing poses within yoga. Read this article to learn how to do it!

How You Can Help Haiti Beyond Just Sending Money – Karma Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is powerful, as is intention, and when combined they can have a huge impact in contributing to the recovery of Haiti – it’s a way of serving, also known as karma yoga. Empower yourself by joining in the world effort to energetically support the healing of Haiti, and feel your own heart light up!

Yoga Bag

Why do you need a yoga bag? This article tells you all you need to know for why a yoga bag is extremely handy.

11 Questions to Ask a Yoga Surf Retreat Tour Operator

Going on a yoga surf retreat? This articles sets out 11 reasons to go on a yoga surf retreat and 11 questions to ask the retreat operator before you go.

The Ananda Yoga Style

Most adults in the world have heard of Yoga today, but most don’t realize that there are many different styles of yoga that are practiced. Some are quite popular, while some styles of yoga aren’t very well known at all. Ananda Yoga is one of those styles of yoga that is rarely heard about outside of yoga circles.

An Explanation of Integral Yoga

You may have heard of different styles of Yoga, and most likely been confused about what the differences are. For now, just understand that there really are differences between the different styles of Yoga, and to determine which one is right for you, you will need to explore the various styles to find a match. One style of Yoga that more people are becoming interested in is Integral Yoga.

Yoga Clothes

Yoga is relaxing and a great workout for your body and mind. Yet like anything else, it can come with its fair share of frustrations. One of the things new students ask me the most is what type of yoga clothes are the best to wear while exercising.

Gain Calm, Sleep Better With Yoga – Hot Yoga

For centuries those who enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of yoga and hot yoga lived mostly in Asia. Over the past 175 years, however, these disciplines have spread their marvelous gifts completely around the globe.

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