I’m GETTING MARRIED! And, I’m sharing something I’ve never shared before … – Lena Franklin


My heart is humbled and excited to share the amazing news that my dear soul mate, Jeff Glattstein, and I are getting married! The journey we have made has been nothing short of transformative in every way.

Our Divine Love has invited me to BE within the fullest expression of my free, lush, heart-centered self. This has been the greatest blessing. I feel completely seen, heard and honored on all levels … while in a loving relationship … for the first time in my life.

And the truth is that sometimes we have to get lost before we can meet. I was lost for years.

One thing I’ve never shared directly with others is this …

For YEARS, I didn’t have enough self-esteem to know what my heart wanted … let alone defend it. I spent my energy trying to model myself on who others wanted me to be for the illusion of “being liked,” and therefore the illusion of security.

This led me to an emotionally and spiritually bankrupt marriage that was fun and beautiful on the outside but empty on the inside.

Something had to give and what helped me transform my life was my choice IGNITE THE INTENTION. I wanted to experience the purest of intimate and unconditional love. I sent these intentions to the Full Moon one night.

Truth = The Universe is not playing … it is always supporting our Supreme Good.

Knowing my twin flame love was like lighting a fire that would inevitably burn the false forest in the service of growing a lush paradise of LOVE.

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned from our love ascension journey is the miraculous alchemy of igniting the intention as we share these heart-fed prayers with the Universe.

And be careful what you want, because asking for the purest of love means you have to purge the insidious pools of fear that you still carry. But through the Choice of transforming suffering into STRENGTH, you can RESIST from the ashes, like the phoenix ascending to the higher realms.

I am grateful to ALL the beings I have met and with whom I have danced in this life, as they have been my great teachers.

I bow to my true love, Jeff, in honor of that all-encompassing love we share. Now, we are choosing to share the rest of this life in sacred union.

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