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Yogic Traditions in Practice

There are many ancient traditions, many of which are retained in the classical teachings even today. However, in western application most are modified and adapted to suit the current lifestyle but the principles are adhered to nevertheless.Understanding some of the customs allows respect for the age old traditions that have reason and design. Westerners should ensure that they comprehend the purpose before adopting any custom that is not in tune with their personal inclination or their own birth culture.

Ashtanga Yoga: Live The Truth, Tell The Truth and Be The Truth

Surrendering to the truth can be a daunting task, especially where one has experienced hardship in life. The type of surrender that is offered here through Patanjali, will lead one to a place of equanimity, contentment and peace of mind, forever.

Shoulder Separation Rehabilitation Works With Yoga!

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve got a horror story like this, but I fell off my trike, and suffered the worst degree of shoulder separation short of total break. I mean, I was messed, and, what was worse, my shoulder separation therapy wasn’t working.

Should You Try Hot Yoga?

Yoga, yoga, yoga. Everywhere you go today there is a new yoga studio opening up, promoting health, awareness, and peace. There are seemingly endless varieties of yoga styles to try, from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, but one that garners the most attention is Bikram, also known as Hot Yoga. Infamously taught at over 100F degrees for 90 minutes, it is an intense, almost extreme form of yoga, resulting in prodigious sweating and effort. Should you try this style of yoga? Is it for you? Today we’ll look at the pluses and downsides of this style of yoga, and help you evaluate for yourself.

Things to Help Achieve Inner Peace

Every day we are getting busier and depressed due to the numerous things that can affect our inner feelings. The quality of our lives suffers because most of us are unaware and unable to find and maintain the sense of having an inner peace in our daily life.

Yoga Poses for Runners

In order to be a top athlete you must be healthy in order to prevent injuries. Yoga for runners is a complimentary form of exercise that will help you prevent injuries.

Yoga Mats: What’s the Best Choice for You?

There are 3 main categories of yoga mats, among those there are even more subdivisions. Knowing which one to choose is vital to correct yoga form.

Vedic Astrology and Planets

Jupiter in his own house is a very good indicator to wealth, health and longevity, he along with Saturn and Mercury will bestow long life. Jupiter (planet of expansion) expands the characters of the planet he joins; with mercury (buddhi, communication, agility of mind) Jupiter strengthens the nature of mercury and gives the native the gift of the gab, power of analysis and strength of mind.

The Gaiam Yoga Mat

Yoga is an exercise that almost everyone should take up sometime or another. Yoga will build your strength and flexibility if you decide to do it on a regular basis. Another fantastic aspect is the inner peace it will bring to your mind. To get the very best yoga exercise you need a proper yoga mat. One of the best mats on the market is the Gaiam yoga mat.

Yoga – A Nonreligious Spirituality

Yoga can help generate a non-religious spiritual society that promotes simplicity, self-control and a rich social consciousness. When one limits yoga only as a practice of Asanas or postures, it ceases to be the catalyst of social good but remains a means for body health. The Yogi learns that the mind itself has a higher state of existence, beyond reason, a super conscious state.

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