hyperextension of the knee in a pyramidal posture


While some people struggle with hypermobility, others struggle to stretch their leg. In this case, the hamstrings in this case are trapped in a shortened retention pattern. Just stretching over and over again will not teach the body to release tension. However, there is a solution to gain range of motion, and also involves activating our muscles, in this case the quadriceps to straighten the knee (the quadriceps are the 4 muscles of the thigh, and its main function is to straighten the knee). Matt demonstrates how we can achieve this by pulling the ball joint up. This “reciprocal inhibition” action contributes to our ability to find better range of motion and flexibility in the hamstrings at overtime. More on this in Mobility Immersion.

Understanding our bodies and getting in tune with our tendencies opens up opportunities for a more complete experience of our postures.
Once we approach and take the necessary actions, what we discover is unlimited potential.

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Article by Trish Curling @anioyoga

Video taken from: 200 and 300 hour workouts

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