How long should you meditate daily?

How long and how often you should meditate depends on why you are meditating. If you are meditating to cure your stress or anxiety problems, or other mental illnesses, you should meditate on longer sessions of about 30 to 60 minutes a day. But most people meditate to achieve happiness in life and acceptance. I would call them occasional meditators. They can meditate for 5 minutes to 2 hours. It really depends on a person in many ways, which is what we will talk about in this article …

You take it completely wrong!

The main problem is that you are not wondering how long you should meditate. you are actually wondering what minimum time I can meditate and see results! And this is a wrong perspective of meditation!

If you look for results, you will never find them!

Instead, try to ask me HOW to meditate, instead of HOW LONG!

Learn to meditate properly! I forget to count the minutes!

If you just let go of the minutes you meditate daily or in one session and focus on meditating properly, you will do so much better!

There is another misconception here, the longer you meditate, the more results you will see. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, but you have to know the whole truth. If you just sit down, close your eyes and start dreaming about something, until the timer sleep bothers you and indicates the end of the session, congratulations! you actually did ZERO MINUTES of meditation today.

Just sitting and thinking or dreaming things is not meditating! Meditation is really done when you are in the present moment and observe what is happening in the present!

So if one meditates for 1 hour every day and never tries to be in the present moment, and another person meditates for only about 20 minutes but is constantly trying to be in the present, then later he will see the results of the meditation much earlier. .

So, think about it.

“Quality is better than quantity in meditation”

Are You Meditating Enough Time?

How to meditate longer?Now you say, “Oh, the amount doesn’t matter! I’ll only meditate for 5 minutes a day! Because after 5 minutes, dreams get used to taking me all the time!”

Well you still don’t understand!

When I say that “Quality is more important than quantity”, I’ve never said that only quality matters.

If you never increase the amount of meditation, you will never be challenged. And you will stop progressing.

Getting started is okay! But continuing with the same little for the rest of your life is not! reads this article if you are a beginner. Because you have to start with small steps!

But as you get used to meditating, you should increase the time you meditate. I like to challenge myself to do more, only 5 or 10 minutes moreafter completing my session.

This challenge can push you to meditate more and more, in reality you are challenging yourself to concentrate for longer, at first it will be difficult and gradually you will adapt to the new period of time, that’s when you have to ‘push a little. a little beyond again!

What are your long-term goals?

What are you meditating for? What do you want from meditation?

If you have answers to any of these questions, thank you just erase them from your mind. Meditate for nothing!

Now another problem arises, why should you meditate without goals in mind?

It is difficult, consider that something inside is changing when you meditate, and you don’t know what that is! Therefore, it is necessary meditate more, to know what that thing is, improve the quality and quantity of meditation as much as you can. And one day, you will realize what was changing inside you!

This meditation mantra has been motivating me for years!

So forget the goals, forget that you want these benefits of meditation and you want these benefits, just focus on what you need to do!

If you can meditate without any personal greed, not even the one I mentioned above, it will be the best you can ever do!

How much should you meditate on?

Now, to the main question, how much should you meditate on? It depends on how much you like meditation and how much more you can concentrate!

But remember, just because you need to meditate for 20 minutes doesn’t mean you only meditate for 20 minutes a day for the rest of your life. Nothing is constant in meditation!

  1. Beginner: Start with just 5 minutes. After completing the five minutes, see if your brain wants more! If so, meditate on 10 minutes from the next day. If you start loving this exercise and somehow feel like you need it more, start doing it. 15 or 20 minutes! Something very important here don’t exaggerate! There’s nothing like overdoing it in meditation, but there are times when you’re not enjoying it, but you still meditate more just for the results! You will soon be tired of your brain. Be patient.

  1. Intermediate: If you have been meditating for months, or even days, and you know your limits on how long you can meditate and concentrate, this is not the time to increase your time. I this is the stage where you need motivation to do more! But getting motivated will be the biggest challenge if you ever think about the benefits of meditation.

However Start looking for things that you think have changed since you started meditating! Are you more emotionally balanced? Do you think that you can better focus on the task at hand? If so, that’s it is your motivation, you already have the results! Think that meditating only during this time, you have developed these things! This is sure to move you forward!

So the key here is to constantly push yourself to meditate more. But not so much that you lose faith in meditation or get tired! Exploring different places and different types of meditations will also make the process interesting! Check out this article to learn more best places to meditate. And also which ones are the best 5 types of meditation techniques you can keep pedaling and never make this exercise less interesting!

How You Can Meditate LOVE MORE!

There will be a time in your meditation practice, when you will not be able to meditate any longer, not even 5 minutes more. This is what your brain can handle with meditation, (for that period of time!) So keep meditating for the same amount of time daily.

But then how will you improve?

This is the time to split sessions. If you feel comfortable meditating for 25 minutes a day and can’t move forward, start meditating twice a day, or even more! This article explains more about the best times to meditate.

Your main meditation session will consist of 25 minutes of meditation, but then, whenever you find time, try to meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes. But by doing this you will be meditating more and you will not get tired of the process either.

When I discovered this trick, I have literally tripled my daily meditation minutes! I used to meditate whenever I had free time. I used Headspace minis, which were free at the time, and only meditated for 3 minutes on these extra sessions, but I was able to find 4 to 5 extra sessions throughout the day!

So now you know, “How long should you meditate daily?”

Share this article with your friends and motivate them to start this wonderful practice too! If you liked this article, take a look at one of my recent articles, where I talk about it in detail Vipassana meditation technique.

Keep meditating. Keep exploring!

-A simple meditator

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