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How To Meditate: 5 Reasons to Breathe Deeply (And How To Do It)

Your breathing is crucial when learning how to meditate. Breathe deeply and fully, using your stomach instead of your chest. This inflates your lungs fully.

Meditation and Rituals Involving Tarot Cards

Meditation as a term is very subjective and relative. What applies to you may not apply to me. At the same time we both could be right in our own way. My own understanding is restricted and flawed due to prejudice, bias and past experiences. What heals your soul and helps you dig your subconscious; and seek what is not known or acknowledged or not yet accepted. There are many modes and techniques of meditation. Although I am not the appropriate person to comment on meditation; my soul is too restless and chaotic to find peace and calm within. However, if you have a temperament which is receptive and not hyper: then one can gain a lot from meditations involving tarot cards. I come across a lot of people who ask me: what purpose do tarot rituals serve? What is there to gain in approaching these rituals?

The Importance Of Meditation And Easy Steps On How To Get Started

All of us need rest and relaxation. Isn’t it time you found out more about lifeflow, read this article now!

Peace of Mind and Peace on Earth

This article explains that the world is in conflict, because our minds are in conflict. Once we realise that we are not our thoughts and feelings, we can work towards a more peaceful mind and a more peaceful planet.

Relax Your Mind and Body

This article contains simple tips that you can use throughout your day, to increase happiness and manage stress. You CAN enjoy your life and have a more peaceful mind, without changing very much at all!

How To Meditate Right Now

Numerous studies have been done documenting the many benefits of regular daily meditation sessions. The health benefits include: reduced stress, less anxiety and worry, decreased depression, better creativity, increased learning abilities and better memory to name a few. Meditation practice has also been shown to help slow the aging process of the body due to higher DHEA levels, increased energy and vitality helping you feel rejuvenated and well rested which in turn results in lower metabolic and heart rate and higher blood oxygen levels.

Why Meditate? What Are the Benefits?

Meditation promotes and results in good health for body, mind and soul. Science has been proving specific health benefits of meditation for over a century now and the results are astonishing. Let’s visit a few areas of our lives where the benefit really can make a difference. It is helpful to read about the benefits of meditation in order to renew our commitment to our meditation practice. In this day and age it is so easy for other ‘priorities’ and obligations to take over our life. Meditation isn’t a replacement for traditional medical treatment. But it may be a useful addition to your other treatment.

Turn Household Chores Into Moments of Zen

Are household chores a bore? Try staying present while doing them and experience moments of zen.

Using Guided Meditation for Reducing Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life but it shouldn’t overwhelm you. If you’re part of the 80% of people struggling with stress, learn how guided meditation effectively reduces stress and helps you obtain inner calm throughout your day.

Meditation Techniques Can Really Help You – Find Out How?

There are many techniques of meditation which have been described in old scriptures of ancient civilization. Every technique is aimed at coming in contact with your inner self. You should also try to find the technique that suits you and get started.

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