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Learn How to Lose Weight by Yoga

Yoga may be not the first activity anyone thinks of when they find the activities to control weight. Someone who practicing yoga claim that yoga can help you lose weight easily but the others say that it is not. So the question that is it possible to lose weight by yoga? Let’s find the reasonable answer in the article.

Kundalini Maha Yoga

Kundalini Maha Yoga is the science and technique to achieve complete bliss and absolute truth of the life. The principle on which it is based is very simple. In every human being there is a source of divine energy, called Kundalini in Sanskrit. It exists in two states one dormant and one awakened and active state. When it is dormant a person leads an unhappy and unfulfilled life. When the Kundalini is aroused and active, a person makes rapid progress on the path of spiritual evolution. The full potential of body and mind are realised.

Is Yoga a Modern Fad? – Part 2

The sole purpose of yoga poses as they were developed in India, was to work the body to make it strong and healthy to enable the yogi to meditate for a long time. Few of us can claim that we have completely healthy bodies. Even those that eat well, get plenty of physical exercise, and have little stress are still effected by outside conditions and our modern lifestyle.

Pranayam Breathing – Practice Pranayam, The Yogic Way to Breathe

Pranayam breathing is a different way of breathing that has many health benefits in store for those who practice it. Learn why this healthy way of breathing is worth looking into.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the ultimate workout for your body and soul. Some people think of yoga as stretching, which is not entirely true. Yoga is so much more than just sit on your mat and “stretch” so to speak. Yoga is hard work, that’s why it’s so god for you.

Yoga Breathing For Vitality and Good Health

According to some legends in China, yoga has been the key to defying gravity and was the only way man could fly and take long strides on air by combining body and mind with this spiritual exercise. Although we do not see much of flying men today, but what we do see healthy, calm and relaxed human beings due to such an amazing exercise.

Stress Relief Breathing

We are all living in a fast and stressful world where finding time to relax is becoming more and more difficult. Having skills to help us relax wherever we are and in whatever situation we are in can be priceless. This simple breathing exercise can help you to deal with any stressful situation you may find yourself in, and can be performed anywhere at anytime.

Learn About Yoga Breathing – A Simple Exercise For Beginners

We are all born knowing how to breathe correctly — it is not something that needs to be taught. Our very first instinct upon entering this world is to fill our lungs with life-sustaining air and let it flow through our body. Unfortunately, as we grow we learn to stoop our shoulders and contract our chest. This leads to improper and potentially dangerous methods of breathing.

Vinyasa Yoga Stretches

As with any workout, it’s a good idea to complete a few warm-up yoga stretches before your Vinyasa practice. You’ll be working the muscles in your back and shoulders a lot during the workout, so focus on these areas.

Beginning Anusara Yoga Techniques

The definition of Anusara is to flow with grace, or “go with the flow.” In beginning Anusara yoga, certain principles are followed, but participants are also encouraged to be creative and to go where their heart takes them.

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