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How To Get Grounded

Grounding exercise is an exercise which is designed to help in focusing attention on the present moment. The exercises do this by reconnecting the body energy with Mother Earth energy. These exercises are most helpful for individuals going through overwhelming experiences which are absorbing all their attention, those who feel dizzy and spacey especially after healing or energy work and also for individuals who feel stressed, panicky or anxious. They can also be very helpful for people who are not able to feel their bodies fully especially the legs.

Provoking Inward Landscapes – Tai Chi Calling

Tai Chi, as a form of meditation in motion, opens new mental horizons not commonly explored. That is, unless you happen to be a natively endowed shaman. Not manky of us are anymore: traveling mentally to far lands, glimpsing the future, reading clouds for advice. Common skills for the select few of our ancestors, say 100,000 years ago when the only questions were how best to survive.But Tai Chi, itself a 3000 year old practice in China, leans heavily of images and storytelling in teaching and remembering patterns of movement and these forms, when performed with extreme slowness, can evoke hidden mental landscapes and communities of unknown peoples that a creative writer can tap into.

Meditation For Childbirth

Meditation has many significant benefits including reliving stress and anxiety, improving self-confidence, generating positive actions through positive thoughts and many more. One real benefit that most folks don’t understand is meditation for childbirth. During childbirth, meditation can help reduce pain, increase focus and amongst other things, improve your mood. This article explores the benefits of meditation during childbirth and how it can help make this amazing event even more amazing.

A Guide To Meditating Properly

Guided meditation is without doubt one of the easiest and most beneficial ways in which to change your thoughts. Most of us know that our thoughts largely determine our actions and our actions determine our future. Unfortunately many folks don’t truly understand the significant and many benefits of meditation. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many folks don’t know how to meditate. This article describes – step-by-step – the process of meditation. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Beginning To Meditate

One of the main reasons most folks don’t meditate is that they just don’t know where to start. This article explores the process and particularly where to begin. The article describes the step-by-step process when commencing your meditation journey and how to gain the most benefit from your meditations.

Slowing The Aging Process, One Breath at a Time

Ground breaking researches by eminent scientists reveal that you can slow aging and live longer by a simple practice. You can do it anytime, anywhere, for free! Just by meditating regularly, you can keep your brain young and your life longer. Examine the findings in this article.

Scientific Basis of Meditation – How Science Proves The Effectiveness of Meditation

Almost everyone speaks in the positive about the benefits of meditation but are these benefits actually scientifically proven or are these just based on a feel-good factor? While some continue to negate the link, here’s taking a look at how science proves the healing power of meditation.

Meditation and Its Different Types

Meditation techniques are practiced by many individuals, due to the many benefits they offer. Meditation serves different purposes, the first of which is to calm the mind of its daily chatter and to let the will control the body. There is a wide range of reasons for this activity.

The Healthful Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Exercises

Yoga and meditation complement each other so well that it is believed that one cannot stand alone without the other. Meditation is allowing your mind to experience a calming and relaxed state that frees you from stress and anxiety. Yoga also deals with body movements that would improve your posture and body flexibility as well.

Six Crazy, Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Meditation Cushion

This article is a brief overview of six whacky reasons why using a meditation cushion, and why maintaining the proper posture, is so important to a person’s physical health. Surprisingly, the reasons range from breathing better and keeping blood pressure down to protecting cardiovascular health.

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