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Mindfulness Attitudes – Patience

Mindfulness is in all parts of our lives and the attitudes of mindfulness touch us all. In this article I explore the concept of patience in relation to mindfulness. Patience is something that we do not practice much these days, but lets explore how to slow down and take our time.

Mindfulness Attitudes – Non-Judgment

Jon Kabat-Zinn identifies 9 attitudes in Mindfulness practice. In this article I explore the attitude of non-judgment. What do we mean by non-judgment in the context of mindfulness, why is non-judgment part of the attitudes of mindfulness? How can we apply non-judgment, and what benefit does it bring to our lives?

Pandemic Immunity and Successful Prayer

This article explains the concept of prayer from a higher spiritual perspective. It clarifies how we are either praying positively or negatively: praying for our grater good or against it, particularly regards coronavirus. It sets out how specific prayer works and how results are achieved effortlessly.

Personal Development: Tips for Positive Thinking Patterns

We know that negative thoughts cause feelings of frustration. As a result, the negative outlook creates more difficulties in your way and you find it even more difficult to deal with your routine challenges. As a result, moving forward becomes an impossible task for you. In this article, we have given a few practical suggestions to help you have those positive thinking patterns. Read on to find out more.

Internal Peace For Personal Development

For personal development, the importance of internal peace is paramount. Internal peace refers to a state of calmness, which is free from distracting thoughts. In other words, the integration of feelings and thoughts that results in harmony and tranquility is called internal peace. If you want to achieve that state of mind, you need to honor your emotions and find a way to express or release those feelings. Let’s take a look at some practical steps to do that.

Personal Development: 5 Ways to Take Control Over Your Life

If you practice positive thinking, it will allow you to concentrate on your strengths and achievements. This will help you be happy and motivated. As a result, you can devote your time and efforts in order to make more progress. And you won’t feel down no matter what. In this article, we are going to give you 5 tips that can help you adopt positive thinking. The purpose of these tips is to develop your personality. Read on to find out more.

Meditate for Negative-30 Minutes a Day

Thanks to my approach, “I don’t have time to meditate” doesn’t make sense. Not only can you do it using no time, it’ll even save you precious moments.

COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Gate

We each possess miracle-performing ability. We can tap in to this potential for healing and prevention.. We can succeed in defeating COVID-19, or any disease, permanently. This article presents how this outcome may be achieved.

Lazy? Or Meditating on Hard Mode?

Just because I lie in bed with my eyes closed, long after my alarm went off, that doesn’t mean I’m lazy. Au contraire, I’m working my mind harder than ever.

Why Guided Meditations Are Worse Than Useless

Many folk are turning to guided meditations right now. It’s a mistake – here’s why they’re better off staring at a wall than doing that.

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