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The voice of truth speaks in the stillness of the soul. Healing is not pleasant! And yet the will to be present is the desire to trust the process.

In a consciousness group, we are all healing from the traumas of last year’s disorder in our nervous system. It takes a lot of energy to heal and we are all doing our best to nourish ourselves more deeply. As we open YAF for face-to-face classes in the studio, it has been a challenge.

Our daily routine of staying home now demands that we make more effort to leave our home. This basic fact requires a renewed sense of how we direct our individual time and space. It is not easy to change the habits we cultivated during the covid and life will never go back. We are not going back to what we consider “normal.” Covid has changed our whole familiarity landscape.

I broke my hand and with it the acceptance that I must heal. I gave myself permission to “drop the ball.” Life is an act of juggling roles and responsibilities. When something changes, it allows us to reevaluate our inner consciousness and reflect on our learned habits.

My habit is to do more, not less. My enjoyment comes from the rush to take on life as a great pleasure to live. My yoga practice is ready for me to live my life with honesty and attention to my inner light. Service is my highest calling and sharing love for humanity through presence. What a journey Covid has been to give me the purpose of maintaining the community and being able to have space for others.

Now, I am witnessing my deepest need to maintain a space for my own physical recovery and stand still. It is not comfortable to admit the vulnerability and pain of letting go. However, my whole inner voice tells me I have to. So last month I went and sat on a beach. I did not return emails, text messages, or phone calls. I didn’t cook any meals, but instead I accepted and enjoyed the sweet meals my friends offered me. I accepted help and sat down in my discomfort. I sat in my constant discomfort, and yet I embraced a deep compassion for the healing process. It was out of balance just as Mother Earth struggled to regain a sense of stability as she staggered in her revolution around the sun.

Since they give us permission to return to “normalcy,” I wonder how this is possible? How we will return when we are still healing from all the traumas of recent years. We are asked to do too much again when we collectively have to honor healing for our emotional recovery. When I’m tired, overwhelmed, and confused, I’m reactive to my surroundings. I am prone to make decisions based on emotional memory and present fatigue. I cannot be rushed into my healing process.

The grace of this time has been a renewed appreciation for the little moments that revealed that my hand is coming back. Gradually I feel more energized as the pain begins to subside. I am blessed with an inner regeneration of my nervous system. Perhaps this journey is a collective of humanity and we are all being asked to slow down, listen and practice acceptance.

My intention is to keep this healing as a constant and graceful way to remember that my personal journey is universal. I am now practicing so that all souls will have to endure the painful experiences of living in pain.

This week has been especially difficult from our local tornado to the horrors of the collapse of the Miami building infrastructure. Collective lovelessness around the world. We are all asked to transform. Deep cell healing is difficult, we all want to avoid, distract and fall asleep. But we are older and braver, and together we move toward a profound transformation of the soul.

Humanity asks us to love more; not just do more. We are asked to remove barriers from our outer layer of hiding and to be open to the vulnerability of our deepest core. We are all asked to sit in discomfort and love more in our personal acceptance of listening. Listen to the inner voice, not the outer talk of our resistance.

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