Grown Up Sleep Story

Words That Heal And Kill

Did you ever make plans to go out to dinner with a friend or meet at a special place and have them stand you up? Well, this happened to me just the other night. Our plan was to meet at the party, but she never showed up.

How to Meditate and Vipassana Meditation

Meditation, also know as mindfulness, is an amazing tool for finding perspective on life and giving yourself a truly new sense of awareness and being. By slowing down your mind and relaxing your body, you can really start to change your attitude, your outlook and your life.

Blocked About Meditation? Part 2 of 2

Regular meditation brings many benefits, such as: increased brain function, creativity, physical health, and relationships; reduced stress; and a more evolved spiritual life. But for those with an active mind, traditional silent meditation can prove to be challenging. Here are two alternative forms of meditation that provide all the benefits with far fewer hindrances.

Blocked About Meditation? Part 1 of 2

Sometimes, the word “meditation” brings up an image of someone sitting in lotus pose, chanting “om” and keeping the mind devoid of all thought. If you have an active mind, you will appreciate these alternative forms of meditation, which allow your mind to participate.

Why Meditation Is So Important

The true goal of ‘meditation’ is to destroy the idea of ‘the meditator.’ There are many different schools teaching what meditation is and how it should be practiced. Here we investigate its actual purpose and the goal.

An Attempt To Meditate With Chocolate

“THE CHOCOLATE MEDITATION” the title read, as I turned the page on what I had started reading as a serious book about mindfulness. “Open the wrapper and smell the aroma” the first instruction read. So I did so.

Daily Meditation Can Have a Great Impact on Your Life

Daily meditation can have a great impact on your life. Learning how to meditate for only 30 minutes a day can have significant health changes. Regular mindful meditation can create sense out of our hectic lives.

Meditation Healing Heart

Spiritual healing meditation, healing the heart. Meditation technique and method of visualization.

Meditation Visit To The Goddess

Guided spiritual meditation visualization. Receive messages from spirit.

Invisibility Cloak Of The Old, But Rested Wizard

Guided meditation. Spiritual healing meditation, to protect against negative energy.

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