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Meditation and Sleep Disorders

This is where meditation comes in. Practicing meditation during the waking hours teaches these hyper aroused minds how to relax in a setting that is devoid of any expectation. If relaxation and mindfulness occur, this is excellent. If the hyper arousal continues, that’s simply to be accepted.

4 Simple Steps to Meditate Easily

You may have heard that to master your life, you must first master your inner state. Life happens from the inside out. Where you are coming from on the inside-your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and physical state-is the strongest determining factor in what happens around you and in how you experience and interpret whatever happens. Because of that, many people have turned to meditation as a way to shift into a more relaxed, positive, clear, and focused inner state. In this article, we’ll explore four simple steps that can help you discover the peace within.

Is Meditation Better Than Wine?

I was introduced to the practice of meditation in 1988, shortly after I started taking karate classes. At that time I was a social drinker; once or twice a week I would have a few glasses of wine while out at a party or bar.

Discover Who We Are: We Aren’t Who We Think We Are

Ironically, one of the main things that keeps us from awakening to our true nature is knowledge. We think we know things, and knowing these things keeps us from being awake. Our belief that we have true knowledge keeps us caught up in our perceptions, labels, and opinions, making them appear as realities rather than the biased points of view they actually are. If truth is a matter of perspective, can we call it truth? If situations change depending on how we look at them and on who is doing the looking, can we really trust our judgments to be true knowledge?

Kabbalistic Concepts: Meditation

Meditation is not what you think it is. In fact, it easier, way more powerful, and holds the key to reaching your goals and changing your life.

Meditation for a Creative Breakthrough

So here is a method for meditating for a creative breakthrough. First, give the project or problem your full attention. Keep the mind quiet, and let the focus of your entire being be on this creative endeavor. Once this step is done…

Walking Meditation: Some Great Tips for How to Perform a Walking Meditation

Most of us think of meditation as sitting in the lotus position with the eyes closed, but there is a form of meditation called “walking meditation” that is wonderful, relaxing, and something you can do anytime, anywhere. This type of meditation is a way of finding time to meditate even while being active. The technique allows us to experience easing the mind and releasing stress as we slip into a state of “moving meditation.”

Breath Meditation: The Ways in Which Breath Meditation May Help You Enhance Your General Well Being

Now I’d like to share with you my favorite form of meditation, called “breath meditation.” I believe it is one of the most powerful, yet one of the easiest, meditations to learn.

Meditate Like a Zen Monk? There’s Only One Way

Developers of some audio meditation products claim that their recordings allow you to ‘meditate like a zen monk’. Their claims are based on questionable logic. Audio entrainment tracks produce beneficial results; they are a valuable aid to meditation, but they are not the same as zen meditation.

Audio Meditation and the Great Binaural Beats Controversy

Some developers of audio meditation products have recently begun to criticize the use of binaural beats in entrainment tracks. They say their audio meditation products are superior because they include monaural and isochronic tones. How reliable are these claims? Is there really such a big difference between these three forms of entrainment? Lets look a little more closely at the evidence.

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