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Office Yoga – Neck Stretches

One of the biggest trouble spots for tension in office workers is their neck. Spending all day hunched over a computer, leaning forward, looking down, with shoulders pulled forward to reach the keyboard is sure-fire way to cause fatigue in the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Three Ways to Improve Your Hatha Yoga Practice

Yoga instructors often tell new students not to force, leave competition at the door, and breathe into a given posture (asana). The average student listens, but some students are driven by competition. How can a competitive person “turn the switch off?” It’s not easy to stop a lifelong habit. However, making progress in the study of Yoga is not a race.

The Internal Fire of Yoga Practice

When you consider internal fire, do words like tapas (heat) and agni (fire) come to mind? Burning impurities from within is a part of Yoga practice. At the same time, many cultures view fire as a form of cleansing. This brings about many passionate notions regarding the benefits of physical challenges in Hot or Power Yoga classes.

Teaching Hatha Yoga For Beginners

There are some Yoga teachers who refuse to teach beginner students. Their staff teaches new students, while they work with the “advanced” Yoga students, or they teach specialized master classes. It is understandable that if you run an extremely large ashram or studio, with hundreds of students, it may be difficult to bond with every new student who comes through your doors.

Four Steps of the Yogic Path

The Yogic path is a path of choice. So many people say they want to make a life change. How many will actually follow through with real actions behind their words? Every day, Yoga studios receive telephone calls from people who say: “Today, I’m going to change.”

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Student Safety Policies

Where do you begin to outline safety standards for your Yoga classes? Many studios have a system of checks and balances to make sure every student benefits from classes. At the same time, students have a variety of expectations when attending Yoga sessions. Some students want to reduce stress, while others want to be pushed. Below are a handful of guidelines to help Yoga teachers develop their own policies for safety.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Beware of Unbalanced Praise

What is unbalanced praise in a Yoga class? If you teach classes, you may have learned about “unbalanced praise” in Yoga teacher training; but let’s go over the basics. Essentially, unbalanced praise is favoritism when one student is praised, above all others, by the teacher. There is a flaw in this method in that the teacher does not see the big picture.

The Most Important Quality in a Yoga Teacher

For a rare few Yoga teachers, the new credo seems to be: “The riskier the better.” Yoga, in all of its forms, has never been white water rafting. Many students attend classes because they have pre-existing physical or emotional injuries. They come to class because they seek the healing properties of Yoga.

Teaching Yoga to Students Suffering From Chronic Anxiety

If chronic anxiety were compared to a prison, then Yoga could be compared to one of the jailer’s keys. There are many possible solutions to anxiety disorders, but each person responds differently to counseling, prescriptions, self-help, group therapy, and Yoga.

Hatha Yoga Classes For Arthritis Pain Relief

Gentle forms of Hatha Yoga can help anyone who suffers from arthritis. Depending on the type, stage, and where arthritis is located in the body, a Yoga session will have to be modified to match the needs of the student. This can make the search for the right Yoga class, and a compassionate teacher difficult, at best.

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