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Online Yoga Teacher Internet Community

How has the Yoga teacher community managed to flourish so quickly? It seems to have occurred around the time the web made rapid advancements in technology. There is no coincidence in the timing of the popularity growth of Yoga and Internet video technology. Here is what happened and why.

Yoga For Cramps, Safety, Chakras, and Other Yoga Teacher Questions

Have you ever wondered about the causes of cramps or why there are differences in the colors of the same chakras? Below is a question and answer session from a lecture for Yoga teachers in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Yoga Pants – A Practical Guide

Looking for a stylish pair of yoga pants to practice in? Look your absolute best for your next yoga class!

Yoga Poses – Triangle Pose For Stress Relief

Are you looking for yoga poses for stress relief? Triangle pose is a great pose which energizes as well as relaxes you. Spending just a few minutes in triangle pose can change your mood completely.

A Guide To Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, a brilliant recreation of the Indian Hatha Yoga* or Hata Yoga*, has been introduced to the people of America since the early seventies of the last century by Bikram Chaudhary who has honorably extracted and devised the therapeutic value of Yoga. Learners in Hot Yoga are led to push the body to the extreme and to use it as a medium to bring the mind back to the brain’ in order to perform a ‘perfect marriage between body and mind’ and thus they …

Yoga – You Can Practice at Home and Save Money

Yoga is a great form of exercise that can help you to feel relaxed, and centered while also toning and strengthening your body. Most people think that you can only do yoga in a yoga studio or a gym, but you can definitely do yoga at home. Practicing yoga at home can be not only rewarding, but it’s also a convenient and a great way to save money on class fees and gym memberships.

What is Hot Yoga?

“Yogasana” is a Sanskrit word formed by joining two words – “Yogya” which means proper and “Asana” which means posture. Hence Yogasana is all about forming and maintaining the “Proper Posture”. The basic concept of Hot Yoga involves practising yogasana in a heated room with temperatures ranging from 98-105 F (37-41 C).

Secrets of a Successful Personal Practice

Successful ventures into different states of consciousness usually take some planning on your part. First of all it is usually best to develop a routine consisting of a specific set of postures that you can repeat over and over again. This routine should be able to be performed without your thinking about the moves or postures involved.

Why Not All Yoga Mats For Sale Deserve Your Hard-Earned Money?

How do you choose a quality yoga mat? Consider four important components for you to be able to pick, buy and use the perfect one.

Tips For Starting Out on Yoga Training Sessions

Are you feeling burdened by mental stresses and inner disturbances? Do you feel fatigued, both physically and emotionally, in the frantic present-day world? Are you looking for a way to gain in physical strength and attain mental peace and happiness as well? If yes, yoga training classes would just be the right thing for you.

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