From the darkness An awakening of the light of love


This week we move in the light of the solstice, a deep time in which our soft earth bends and we reach the beginning. A new dawn returns and a small crack of light rises in the dark night.

For many of us this past year has been a collective dark night of the soul. We have been forced to come in and seek refuge in our separate homes. We have been asked to delve deeper into the pit of our inner landscape and illuminate our deepest fears. For many, this was not a pleasant experience and the pain brought us to our knees. For many, anger and rebellion are the norm.

The guilt game is so easy to use when the mind refuses to accept the gift that is being presented. Every day I ask myself, “What’s the point of this?” I have had to delve into my own samskaras that hold me captive to the doubts and fears of my mind.

Instead of sitting in the mud, I choose to look for the beauty in what is presented. I breathe into my physical body and bring my wandering mind back to my inner home, preparing to seek the magic that is unfolding. I ask for help from the Universe and I open myself to the will to move forward.

It is a collective desire to be part of the great experience that all of humanity is living now. I have a choice of how to respond every day. If I am firmly established in my true self and firmly bound to be kind and truthful, I am the healing of the world. Each of us can choose to be the healing of the world. Healing is love.

This has been a year of learning to love more without fear in the journey presented. A collective change of consciousness that for thousands of years has created a ritual to honor the mystery, wonder, and fear of creation. This is an inner journey of our own creation of life, not only in survival, but to thrive in the miracle of the Sun.

We come to a practice of turning on our own inner light and nurturing our system as a whole. Cultivate the awareness of beauty that includes moral beauty, the seed of our collective humanity. The effort, to clear the lens of our minds to truly experience the full grace of this beauty, is to bring out the passion and love we all need to plant back into our hearts.

This new year will not erase the loss, but from the ashes arises the phoenix. Introduce reverence rituals into your practice as this auspicious day unfolds. Together, we move into a new deep landscape. Creativity is born in this space of the open heart that is the totality of the whole Universe. Be present, be here and be in love.

Blessings in this birth of light,

Laura Jane

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