Folds, backbends and twists: How to

Vinyasa Short: folds, backbends and twistsHere’s an idea you can build on… plan your class with three types of poses in mind: forward folds, backbends and twists.

Folds, backbends and twists are complimentary — your body will begin to crave them as you move through class.

Basically you’ll follow the pattern Rupali suggests in this Vinyasa Short on Folds / Backbends / Twists. She shows three repetitions of this pattern in the video below. Feel free to continue adding on, including standing poses done in the same way.

I’ve used this theme in the past when planning a non-traditional Ashtanga class—One geared for my more advanced students who are practicing at least the Primary and Intermediate series. Within the first two series of Ashtanga yoga are plenty of these types of poses to play with and mix up into a unique flow.

Building a fun (read: playful) class with poses from these series is a great way for students to still get their Ashtanga fix, but also to stretch their minds and focus a bit, because they don’t know what’s next.

Encourage your students to stay with a consistent, deep breath throughout the practice, especially since they don’t know what’s coming next! Doing that is the hallmark of a seasoned yoga practitioner — any style.

Try this Vinyasa Short yourself first and see what kind of inspiration you can take from it to spice up your classes, whether “playing” with Ashtanga or building a well-rounded vinyasa flow. Pay attention to how flexible and strong your spine feels afterwards.

I would love to hear what poses you combine together so feel free to leave me a comment with the poses’ names so I can try them in my own practice… mahalo!

This blog is a labor of love and is offered in service of the yoga community and its amazing teachers. Comments are appreciated… let us know your thoughts and share your experience with our readers!

folds, backbends and twists

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