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The Hard and Soft of Teaching Power Yoga

Power yoga is one of the most widely practiced forms of yogic practice in the world. This modernized version of Ashtanga or vinyasa yoga is meant to emphasis physical health while utilizing the powerful breathing synchronization that characterizes flowing schools of yoga. Coupled with quick moving asana series, breathing techniques work to train bodies in relaxation and letting go.

About Yoga for Diabetics

The most effective Yoga poses for diabetes treatment are those that gently compress the liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. The gentle compression is helpful in stimulating each organ to function in the regulation of sugar levels in the body.

Yoga for Cross Training Young Athletes

Any well-rounded cross training program should include high-intensity cardiovascular work, strength training, stretching, and agility work. Athletes who are in training put a lot of strain on their bodies, which pushes them to the limits each and every day. If they neglect to stretch the muscles after working out, they run the risk of joint or muscle injuries. Yoga can provide that necessary balance within a cross training program.

Power of Breathing

This article talks about how yoga breathing techniques can benefit your body. It also touches on one of the breathing exercises, the 3-Part Breathe, and how it can help you to relax.

Yoga for Childbirth

Yoga becomes the perfect solution for women looking to strengthen their minds and bodies for the task of childbearing. Not only does its physical focus on balance, strength and flexibility make it the ideal fitness opportunity for growing bellies and changing bodies, but its mental and spiritual disciplines can develop breath control and power of will.

Becoming a Yoga Studio Owner

Here’s a subject that most yoga instructor training courses will never inform you about. After all, why should your local studio help you build their future competition? Most of us don’t want to think about competition in the marketplace, but it happens. We love yoga, but we need to make money to live.

Yoga for World Peace: A Pipe Dream?

Yoga science provides a comprehensive path to changing the things we can and making peace with those we cannot. Through breathing, poses, and meditation, we learn to accept our limitations and care for our spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

What Should a Yoga Teacher Know About Asana Adjustments?

Most 200 hour Yoga teacher training courses spend more than half of that time covering all the technical aspects of asana, modifications, adjustments, and how to create a lesson plan. With so much time devoted to asana, you might think we should be ready for everything. The truth is: Yoga teachers never stop learning. Each student is unique in many ways. No Yoga certification course can show you everything. At best one yoga instructor training course can…

Yoga Strengthens Your Resolves

Making resolves is easy, but sticking to them is difficult. Practising yoga helps in making you more focused and determined.

Lose Weight With Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a modified version of Ashtanga Yoga. However, it does not follow your traditional form of yoga. It caters more to the Western countries rather than on overall wellbeing.

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