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Be a lifelong learner.

One of the best things about yoga is that as you get deeper into your practice, you begin to feel that this journey is endless. Whether you’ve recently met your first dog face down, or are a teacher who completed their yoga teacher training years ago, there’s always something more to learn, feel, and experience in our mats. It is for this very reason that even the most advanced yoga teachers are often considered first and foremost a student.

Behind every successful yoga teacher, you could find a large number of coaches and mentors, all on the road as a teacher and student together. Gina Brescianini, our national program delivery manager and lead facilitator, has mentored many of the facilitators of our study schedules. He has guided students through his 200-hour yoga teacher training journey, and now leads our 75-hour yoga teacher training alongside the company’s founder, Duncan Peak, and his team. Power Living senior facilitation! We are thrilled to have one of your mentors, International Yoga Teacher Annie Carpenter, leading a 3-day virtual weekend retreat this July.

Gina Brescianini’s connection with Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter is known as “The Teacher’s Teacher.” Gina first met her in 2019 in a 3 day workout in Sydney for Power Living. Aside from a shared dance story and Annie’s already incredible reputation as a yoga teacher, Gina says meeting Annie Carpenter was an incredibly joyful experience, marked by an immediate understanding and connection.

What does Gina like to do with Annie?

“The intricate clarity and essence of the joy that goes on, and the way research weaves into its classes; leads to a constantly evolving understanding of this practice. There’s always something more to learn. ”When asked how she has influenced working with Annie in her teaching, Gina simply said,“ She’s my guiding light. ”Now, dear friend and mentor, the principles Annie’s SmartFlow has given Gina more clarity and understanding on how to teach the principles of movement, but most importantly, how to explain them clearly to students in a way that helps them transform their yoga practice. in the end, what happens on the student’s mat is the true indicator of whether a signal or teaching point is landing or not.These changes in technique can guide us towards a yoga practice with longevity. confident, grounded, happy, and with an ever-evolving understanding of yoga and ourselves.

The magic of yoga

The magic of yoga that we often hear comes in the smallest of moments: the subtle changes in the consciousness of our body, the complexities that Gina talks about having learned from Annie and the research questions that come directly in the heart. These subtle teachings are passed from teacher to teacher, and it is both inside and outside our mats that they come to life. When asked what has been the most shocking lesson she has learned from Annie, Gina speaks of joy again. “I found the joy of falling in love with yoga every day. And the joy of falling in love with teaching it, in every class. That’s what has been a gift to me. ” guide lights, Gina.

Evolving Resilience: Retirement in line with Annie Carpenter

Join Annie’s 3-Day Online Retreat with Power Living July 23-25, 2021. A weekend of asana, pranayama, restorations, philosophy, and meditation. More information here.

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