Etheric Heart Chakra (upper heart chakra) (1 hour version!)

Yoga and Happiness

Recently, two Globe and Mail articles, side by side, looked at two good books: one was about happiness and one was about self control. The book on happiness suggests that longing for happiness is a central tenet of the human condition. Through yoga, my understanding and experience is that it is in our very nature to be happy… there are just so very many reasons that we loose touch with that. And for some reason, we mainly focus on acquiring / reaching out for something to make us happy.

Yoga Clothing and Accessories

The importance to purchase and invest wisely in proper yoga clothing and yoga accessories. What type and the trend of yoga clothing and accessories on the market.

Sophisticated Yoga Can Challenge Your Body – Yoga Positions For Beginners

If you have completed beginner and halfway yoga you may well be all set for advanced yoga. A complex session requires more power and flexibility than a lower level lesson and you want to be certain that your body and talent level is ready for this. A superior lesson will push your body to another point and you want to be confident that you have the training required to take it to this next level. Be certain to have completely learned most yoga positions for beginners beforehand.

How Can Yoga Improve Your Life?

Yoga represents an ancient philosophy and practice having its origins in India. Yoga implies both physical and mental discipline, being a way of improving our life, by continuously training our mind and our body.

Improve Your Health With Yoga

Many people, in order to take care of their health, choose to regularly visit their doctors and also to practice certain sports to increase their vitality. But wouldn’t it be great if we found a way to combine these two and to remain healthy for a long time?

History of the Manduka Yoga Mat

Yoga and pilates enthusiasts know the importance of a quality yoga mat. The Manduka yoga mat offers exceptional cushioning and comfort in an eco-friendly material. This mat will last a lifetime and is perfect for anyone from beginners to masters. This mat is the number one best selling yoga mat available.

Prenatal Yoga For A Healthier Birthing Process

Prenatal yoga enhances the physical, mental and emotional state of an expecting mother. With precautions and feasible posture guidelines, prenatal yoga can enjoyed by pregnant ladies as well.

Chakras for Good Spiritual Health

Yoga not only improves the function of the mind and body, but also provides relief for back pain and many other illnesses that have something to do with posture. One of the aims of yoga is to change the traditional habits, helping pregnant women with motor problems as well as people suffering from chronic pain and stress.

How Yoga Enables Healthy and Happy Life

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which refers to connect, join, or unite. This signifies joining or combining all aspects of an individual i.e., body with mind and mind with soul in order to lead a happy, balanced and valuable life.

How To Start Doing Yoga At Home

Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise forms that you’ll find in the world. We will discuss how to start doing yoga at home in this article.

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