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Can Gratitude Be a Form of Meditation?

I attended a Yoga teacher intensive in Attleboro, Massachusetts on meditation in 2006. At that intensive, we were taught so many different forms of meditation over the course of a Columbus Day weekend that I filled a note book. One method that really stuck to my mind was a mantra meditation that is so easy to practice.

How Can You Overcome Stress?

Meditation is a highly effective means to overcome stress. It helps restore the body to a calm state. A knowledgeable expert can guide individuals using the correct stress management meditation techniques, helping to relax and focus the flow of thoughts over a sustained time period.

Meditation: How To Gain The True Value Of Life

You often lose the battle with life’s critical moments in your mind. You let the circumstances prevail over your mindset. You tend to create a vision of the world and when that vision is destroyed, you get depressed.

The Buddhist Monk Meditation

Meditation can be really beneficial for you. Here are some at you can follow so you can meditate the way monks do.

Meditation and Abundance, Part I – The Uses and Limits of Mindfulness Approaches

It might seem odd to associate meditation with materialistic concerns about wealth and abundance. Isn’t meditation supposed to be a spiritual pursuit that takes us above such worldly matters? While it certainly can be purely spiritual, meditation has become linked to abundance in the New Age movement because it addresses control over our minds, and what we do with our minds is believed to affect what happens in our lives. The extent to which one believes in the power of the mind dictates the type of meditative practice one will employ. In this first article in a three-part series, we look at the approach taken by those who can’t quite bring themselves to fully accept this power.

How Do You Meditate Properly?

Every action and activity has rules and guide to do for get the best result. It is same with the meditation. You should be meditating properly to get benefit from all type of meditation. Many question stated from beginner of meditate especially how do you meditate properly?

How To Meditate Properly Techniques

Ever wonder how to meditate properly? It’s easier than you may expect. Here is an easy step by step guide to effortless meditation. Meditation has many health, physical and emotional benefits so why not begin today!

The Art of Visualization – How to Visualize Results in Your Meditation

People often try meditation and then get discouraged because they don’t get the results they are looking for. The reason is that they fail to incorporate the Art of Visualization into their meditation. This simple and effective tool is the key to taking your meditation from ho-hum to amazing results.

Meditation and Abundance, Part II – Recognizing the Power of the Mind

In the first article in this three-part series, we looked at how mindfulness meditation fails to recognize the awesome potential of the mind to create better personal realities, including material abundance. In this article, we will see how one prominent New Age thinker took the next step – a step which acknowledges personal power yet includes the mindfulness-based focus on present-moment conditions. While this may not be the ultimate creative technique, it has helped a lot of people – and might help you, too!

Guided Meditation Mp3’s – How Are Binaural Beats Used in Meditation?

Are you interested in learning meditation fast? You probably already know about the nearly endless advantages of meditation.

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