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Yoga Causes Back Pain

Yoga is great for strength and suppleness, so it should be great for those of us who suffer from back pain. Right? Wrong.

Learn About Yoga Breathing – Is “Arrested Yoga Breathing” For Everyone?

There could probably be no better example of effective yoga breathing than yogis who can master arrested yoga breathing. A yoga master could go for some very long periods of time not breathing. They could go much, much longer when they train their minds and bodies to require a fraction of the air they normally breathe.

Baby Child Type Yoga Poses

The Baby yoga pose or the child’s pose is partially translated in Sanskrit to mean womb. The Baby yoga pose or the child pose when performed bears a huge resemblance to the human foetus in the womb and hence the name. The child pose is one of the most relaxing positions and is well liked by both beginners and advanced students as it provides a welcome break from the more strenuous poses at the right times. It does not require much practise to to do the pose well but subtle differences over time particularly with the lower back and its ability to relax are what will bring the pose up to the next level.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is deep sleep. Many people mistakenly believe it’s twilight sleep, that stage between awake and dreaming, but it’s even deeper than that. It goes beyond the dreaming stage and into a state of conscious deep sleep. While that sounds like an oxymoron, it’s not. It’s the third of the four levels of consciousness where there are no images in the mind.

Performing Yoga With Weights

Yoga has been known for decades as an important form of exercise and breathing techniques. But yoga with weights is a combination of two powerful, time-tested exercise systems. Winner of ‘Mr. America’ title Walt Baptiste was a bodybuilder who won this contest in 1949. He had an interesting yoga journey, one that combines yoga with weights. Walt started as a bodybuilder and later incorporated yoga into his exercise program. Instead of moaning & groaning and straining himself in his body building workouts, Walt discovered how to apply breathing techniques in his exercise regime and practice yoga along with his weight training. Thus the concept of weight yoga took birth.

Hatha Yoga Makes Us Aware That the Body is Everything That We Have in Life

Hatha Yoga makes us aware that the body with its inestimable qualities is everything that we have in life; for we enter this world naked and leave this world naked. For that reason we must get the best out of our body. The more we strive to unfold the perfection’s of the body, the more quickly our mental capacities unfold: power of concentration, memory, will-power and resolution. The blessing of Hatha Yoga is threefold; health, well-being and long life.

Yoga is the Way to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle – Yoga Builds Physical, Mental and Spiritual Strength

The exercises which many Westerners associate with the word “yoga” are actually an aspect of Hatha yoga, only one of many ways to practice yoga. In Hatha yoga, deep poses and stretches, called asanas, are paired with controlled breathing techniques, or pranayama.

How to Include Yoga in Your Diet Program

Yoga at last is coming into its own in the Western world. After many years of being dismissed as a bizarre activity attractive only to eccentrics, it is today recognized as an art and skill.

The Cobra Pose of Yoga

The Cobra pose is usually known as Bhujangasana in Eastern countries like India. “Bhujanga” means cobra in the Sanskrit language and hence the name ‘cobra pose’ which is widely accepted in the West. The Cobra pose is greatly effective as it can relieve certain types of lower back aches as over time it strengthens the lower back.

Poses For Yoga – An Introduction

The Sanskrit word “asana” stands for pose. Each asana or pose for yoga gives you an insight into your body, mind and soul. In other words, your body position opens ones door towards self awareness and discovery. One should always be ready to experiment with adjustments in body positions as it makes one more comfortable and at ease with the poses. Also, this open approach towards movement and adjustment stems any possible frustration and negative thoughts to enter the mind.

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