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People are often intimidated by the prospect of going into yoga and meditation, especially if they are older. You may be worried about trying impossible positions or having to give up your belief system. However, yoga and meditation are practices in which almost everyone can participate and benefit, and there is no need to give up anything.

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Older adults often have trouble finding comfortable exercise programs for them, but yoga may be just the ticket. Virtually anyone can participate in certain forms of yoga, and you don’t need to perform extravagant postures or great strokes of strength to reap the health benefits. Yoga can increase your flexibility, promote bone health, improve strength and balance, and help keep your mind sharp. The postures used in yoga help you to prepare for meditation, which also offers many health benefits. Spending time meditating can help reduce anxiety levels, improve blood pressure, and increase self-awareness. Practicing yoga can even improve bowel health because breathing and yoga postures relax the gut.


A good way to increase your confidence in yoga is to learn some basic stretching exercises. Stretches can be used to relieve stress levels, improve relaxation, and help you be more flexible. Simply stretching can even relieve pain, boost your mood, and boost your energy levels. Also, consider adding some deep breathing exercises for maximum benefit. Another tip to start with is to try some yoga postures in the chair, which are especially suitable for people with balance or mobility problems. If you have health problems or are new to exercise, you should discuss your situation with your doctor before you begin.

Set up a space

Are you looking for an exercise program that you can enjoy at home? Yoga can fit the bill in this regard, and you don’t have to worry a lot about setting it up. Yoga requires minimal space and equipment. A mat, comfortable clothes and a small room on the floor are all you need. If you plan to use your phone or tablet for instructions, a small speaker might be especially useful. If you can arrange it, a dedicated yoga room is wonderful, but not necessary. Clutter up any area you set up so that you are not easily distracted and look for a place free of traffic and noise.

Improve your environment

Many people find that certain elements contribute positively to their yoga practice. Selecting certain colors for your space can help you feel more at peace and quiet, such as soft pinks, whites, and dark purples. Consider adding plants to your special area, as they can clear the air and increase your mood: peace lilies, aloe vera plants and Boston ferns are especially nice options. Elite Daily points out that certain essential oils can also enhance your yoga and meditation experiences. Cedar wood is said to help you feel rooted, sandalwood promotes centered feelings and lavender is a classic aroma that reduces stress.

Improve your practice

When you get into a routine, you will find that you feel better doing yoga at certain times of the day. Some people like to do yoga part of their morning, starting the day with their right foot. For others, being part of their bedtime ritual means getting the best night’s sleep. For optimal benefits, however, the important part is to set aside time each day, or at least several times a week, to engage in yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation are useful for just about anyone, regardless of age or ability. Get into a routine that both you and your caregiver can enjoy. With your new practices, you are sure to reap some important health benefits in no time.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, consider joining a dedicated yoga retreat. The combination of yoga, meditation, relaxation, and life-affirming experiences are the hallmarks of a retreat that can help you recharge and rejuvenate, able to take on whatever life has to offer. Take a look Exhale Yoga Retreats today.

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