Earth Star Healing/Balancing Meditation (15 min)

The Meaning of Power Yoga

The practicing of yogic exercises has been on the rise in the western world and especially in America. The hall where it is practiced may be calm with sounds only of breathing and changing of postures by practitioners. The body is supposed to bent from different angles and take some unknown shapes that are really healthy for the over all development of the body.

Healing the Body With Yoga

The yogic practice has been exercised by people all over the world and it has been there since ancient times. This was the collection of exercises developed in the east but because of its benefits yoga has been hugely accepted almost all over the world. The practitioners all over the globe take it as a routine exercise but only few know the actual and total benefits of performing yogic exercises.

The Curing Aspect of Yoga

The practice of yoga all over especially in western world has been going on as another form of exercise. The point is that people are still unaware about the healing effect of this ancient practice. This is a practice that takes the person to some other world and gives a peace of mind irrespective of the current worries that are prevailing in the life of the practitioner.

Important Information About Yoga

The yogic exercises are one of the most preferred ways of keeping fit in today’s world. Hectic life has increased the demand for yoga by a huge margin. It brings a lot of calm within the mind and gives spiritual peace.

Yoga Mat and Yoga Practice – Do They Really Connect?

The modern culture of the west has taken over the idea of Yoga and changed it to fit it ways. Yoga has lost some magic and has entered the realm of market-value, as people buy yoga products and go on yoga vacations, forgetting the true nature of the practice. Here is a reminder of what really matters – the true practice of yoga.

My Yoga Workout – Yoga Helps To Exercise The Body And Relieve Stress And Tension

My yoga workout is a course that teaches you everything there is to know about yoga. Yoga is gaining a lot more followers than ever before and this is for many reasons which might include job stress, a stressful lifestyle, or just because it is a really safe way to exercise the entire body.

The Real Benefits of Yoga

Did you know that yoga is a fantastic exercise for strength training? Yoga is easy on the joints and muscles. It can also be done right at home without any special equipment.

Discovering SUP and Paddle Yoga Boarding

Here’s my love story with SUP. It was love at first sight and keeps getting better and better. General introduction to why I love this sport and want to share it with the world. This article includes anecdotal documentation of my personal experience with SUP.

Make Sure You Use A Premium Yoga Mat – Your Health Is In Your Hands

Yoga has become a very popular practice in the western world. This has given rise to a variety of different products and accessories. Read about the two main threats this market has on your health. Learn why it is best to go for the premium yoga mats and avoid the cheap and dangerous ones. It is your health we are talking about.

The Total Effect of Yoga

Nowadays the word ‘Yoga’ has got a new dimension. Yoga previously was started in India in the ancient ages. Yoga is nothing but spiritual practices for making a steady mind. Yoga practitioner is called Yogi. The term Yoga was previously derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuv’ that means to unite or join something. Yoga leads the way to unite body, mind and soul. ‘Yoga’ basically comprises of a few number of ‘Asanas’.

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