Earth Star & 12th Chakra (20 min) Connection to the Cosmos

Yoga Flexibility – Improve Flexibility

Being flexible is defined as when the joints in your body have a wide range of motion. The ability to bend and stretch this way and that decreases with age as the joints stiffen, muscle lengths decrease, and conditions like arthritis limit flexibility even more. You can regain the flexibility of your youth by starting a yoga teacher training program.

Chair Yoga for Reducing Pains and Aches

Chair Yoga is a great way to reduce aches and pains while being substantially supported in the poses. One of the greatest benefits of Chair Yoga is that anyone, regardless of age and fitness level, can enjoy the practice of Yoga.

Teaching Yoga – Breath Awareness

Proper breath awareness is the foundation for meditation in Yoga. Proper breathing is such a fundamental part of Yoga. Some Yoga teachers fail to mention the importance of breath awareness. You must be aware of your breathing before meditating.

The Yogic Path: The Upanishads and Yoga

The farther one explores the Vedic literature or Hindi culture, the more frequently one may come across significant religious scriptures, such as the Upanishads. What are the Upanishads and are they necessary to be known by modern Yoga students?

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

The practice of Kundalini Yoga originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. The Kundalini style of Yoga incorporates the movement between asanas, chanting, meditation, and pranayama techniques to awaken and nourish the Kundalinii Shakti energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine.

Inner Journey of Kundalini Yoga

Lord Shiva, himself, is believed to have been the very first teacher, or Guru, of Kundalini Yoga. The word, Guru, itself, means the light that banishes the darkness of ignorance. The inner experiences of Kundalini Yoga are transformative and alchemical in nature.

Yoga As a Source of Happiness

The regular practice of Yoga can be a source of great happiness. Yoga not only helps to keep your body limber and strong, it also supports you in maintaining a good internal emotional state. The devotional practices of Yoga also help to keep you connected to the Divinity residing in your own heart.

The Origin of Kundalini Yoga

The true origin of Kundalini Yoga is shrouded in the mysticism of ancient India. With research, the connection between the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism becomes more apparent.

Teaching Yoga and Accepting Change

Teaching your Yoga students to accept changes, throughout life, may be their most difficult task to put into practice. Luckily, Yoga is designed to help people cope with new situations, which occur on a daily basis. The practice of Yoga is a great tool for helping a practitioner to accept change.

What Is Raja Yoga?

A student who primarily practices Raja Yoga does so in order to attain enlightenment through the art of meditation. There are many different Yogic paths from which to choose. A student whose nature is contemplative will do particularly well practicing Raja Yoga.

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