Earth Star & 11th Chakra (20 min) Extremes of Positive and Negative

Self-Mastery With Raja Yoga

The essence of Raja Yoga is the stilling of the thought-waves of the mind in order to allow the mind to come to rest in the clear light of inner bliss. Classically, Raja Yoga is practiced sitting on a deer or tiger skin while repeating a sacred mantra.

Yoga 101: Which Is Best for You?

I feel that one of the best ways to slow down, relax, release stress and reflect is by practicing Yoga. Yoga is also fantastic for increasing flexibility, coordination, focus, strength and body awareness. Not to mention – it is fun! I also love that Yoga can be practiced solo, with a partner and even with your children.

The Art and History of Yoga

Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” yoga is commonly translated to mean “union.” Although the term brings images of elaborate physical poses to mind, physical poses comprise only a part of this ancient Indian philosophy.

Common Misconceptions About Yoga

Yoga has become a very popular and loved form of exercise in the U.S., but there are some people who still have misconceptions about it. In many cases these misconceptions prevent them from giving it a try.

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Hatha Yoga Teacher

To each Yoga teacher, the word “success” means something different. Some teachers would like to train elite athletic students. Others want to train students, who contribute higher qualities, to the rest of humanity, such as: compassion, understanding, and loving kindness. Success is all a matter of…

The Yogic Approach to Anger Management for Children

How can Yoga help children find their way through this confusing path we call: “life?” What if my child is not attracted to Yoga? How can my child learn to communicate his or her feelings to me, even in the worst of times? Let’s discuss Yoga, as an approach to anger management, for children and teens.

Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga offers much more than just a way to exercise the body. Yoga helps us cultivate an inner state of body-centered consciousness that allows us to walk calmly amongst the chaos. Yoga teaches us both to let go and to have exquisite awareness in every moment.

Emotional Maturity – Keys to Inner Freedom

We may think that we are adults but our emotional reactions can be based on childhood patterns and traumas. Yoga and meditation offer age-old solutions to habitual emotional patterns in 10 easy steps.

Curing Lower Back Pain With Yoga Therapy

Lower back problems can affect one’s productivity in many ways. If you are suffering from severe back pain, this can impair your performance at work or at school because you cannot concentrate on your tasks. Millions of people all over the world are sharing the same sentiments with you.

What Makes Yoga Different? Useful Facts You Might Not Know

Yoga has been touted as one of the ancient exercises that develop both the body and mind. It gives its practitioner a sense of self control as it enhances physical flexibility.

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