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Yoga Holidays: Choose The Perfect Package

Unlike other forms of holidays, yoga holidays allow you to choose your time, location, date, centre, activities, etc. according to your choice and preference. Such holidays have gained an immense popularity among international tourists and travelers, who find it benefiting them in twin ways.

Beginning a Yoga Routine

Congratulations! You have signed up for your first yoga class and eagerly await your first lesson. As the day arrives, you begin to feel a bit nervous, maybe a bit anxious and you might even be thinking have I made the right decision?

Yoga Retreats: It Can Rejuvenate You

Have you ever wondered why more and more people are opting yoga retreats? Known as an ancient art of practicing various types of physical poses, recent years has brought into picture an amazing trend. There seems to be a large number of people who are just passionate about performing yoga. The main reason for an increase in such believers stems from the fact that it has certain advantages of doing it.

Yoga Retreat: Perfect For Fitness Freaks

Of late, there is one trend of yoga retreat. With changing times, nature of job profile of individuals has seen a mammoth change in it. Previously, people never under went through a regime of delivering their responsibilities that can be found in modern times.

Beat COPD With Yoga

Great, you just got home from seeing the doctor for your annual visit. She said you’ve got COPD. What the heck is that and what can you do about it. Find out what COPD is and what you can do about it now.

Interesting Meditation Techniques With Yoga Asana Practice

How can we bring yoga and meditation together? What are some of the techniques that work best for beginners to both meditation and yoga?

Yoga Breathing Techniques for Asthma Sufferers

Breathing becomes very shallow for the person with asthma. Sometimes a wheezing or whistling sound can be heard.

Learn to Meditate: Pranayama, Visualization and Mantra

One of the reasons yoga and meditation practices are so powerful is the movement of energy that takes place when you start to link the breath with the body. This movement can also be stimulated and channeled through the practice of pranayama.

Three Little-Known Facts About Yoga – The Three Gunas

Yoga is fascinating. Just when you think you have a handle and understanding of your practise, you realise there is more. More to learn, more to practise, understand and get a grip of.

How Can I Beat Tiredness With Yoga?

Enthusiasm waning? Unexplained tiredness starting to creep in when you need to keep going? To solve this problem, especially if it is ongoing, become a detective and conduct an investigation of what is stealing your enthusiasm. Focus and concentration, two benefits of yoga practice, will help make the investigation successful. Here’s one method to identify the possible source and fix the problem.

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