Earth & Soul Star (8th Chakra)(20 min) Introduction to 4D Consciousness

Top Five Benefits of Yoga

Consider practicing yoga daily, if you are able to dedicate a little bit more time for it. But before you plan your time for yoga, make it realistic, so you don’t need to stress-out or give up on it before you’re able to enjoy its benefits.

Yoga for Shoulders – 7 Steps to Healing and Preventing Sports Injuries

Can you use yoga to heal and prevent shoulder injuries? Certainly, but you need to make sure that you do the appropriate poses for your injury or it can wreak havoc on your shoulder! If approached properly, yoga can bring you the freedom and strength that you’ve been craving!

Avoiding Bad Thoughts

“Go away!” “Leave me alone.” “I hate you.” “Those *^%* really get me down. “”If you really cared about me you wouldn’t say that”…. When you read the above words, what thoughts, images flow through your mind? Can you relate to any of them? How do they make you feel? Good? Bad? Or indifferent?

Yoga for Moms-To-Be

Many experts recommend yoga to prepare expectant mothers for delivery, labor, and motherhood. Yoga is an internationally recognized alternative medication to many medical problems including body pains. The ancient origin of yoga came from a Hinduism practice of spiritual exultation that transcends to physical healing. A union of mind and body, yoga is a combination of meditative techniques and physical exercise. The core characteristics of a yoga exercise are postures, proper breathing, and meditation.

Top 5 Yoga Styles

Have you ever thought about practicing yoga but are confused about all the different types that you have heard about or have seen listed at the gym? Each type is based on the same basic principles of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a physical discipline that uses poses to develop control of the body. Check out this list below to find the style of yoga that best fits your body type and personality.

Get Introduced to the Healthy You With Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda is one of the most famous attractions of Kerala. Kerala Ayurveda tour offers an opportunity to tourists to enjoy the great benefits of Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. A variety of Ayurveda therapies and treatments are available here.

Learning About Yoga Styles With Yoga Books And Other Resources

Provides information to the customer on what is available on the market as yoga books and yoga DVDs. Presents the different types of yoga available to the customers.

12 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Type ‘yoga teacher training’ into Google and you’ll get a massive choice of dozens of courses in Britain. Some you may have barely heard of, others will be household names. Given such a bewildering array of yoga schools, what are the crucial questions you should ask to find the training course that suits you best?

Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Whenever a woman makes up her mind to give birth to a child, she has to be completely ready for such an important commitment, as well as for the period of time before this happens. Prior to this event, she must make sure that her body and her mind are prepared; keeping in mind that she will be submitted to a series of changes in the near future.

Yoga: An Ancient Art

Embracing the mind, body, and spirit is what an incredible yoga instructor imparts in these teachings. Yoga combines all these three disciplines to achieve a natural harmonious balance within. Offering insight on mental, physical, and spiritual aspects in life is what these classes hope to achieve.

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