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You know, most of us tend to carry unnecessary mental burdens that weigh on us.

Maybe you keep repeating a mistake over and over again. You may be constantly worried about a problem or ruminating on a perfectionist standard for your life that you have not been able to achieve, such as your weight, your finances, or your successes.

Maybe you’ve been beaten up for a bad habit or addiction, or you’re obsessed with hurting or hurting yourself. Maybe you bring rigid rules and expectations for yourself and others.

When we carry these mental burdens with us all the time, it’s like carrying weight on our shoulders. It’s exhausting, stressful and makes the rest of your life harder.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the difficult things in life, nor do we stop thinking about the future and solving problems, but it is harmful and harmful to get caught up in ruminant cycles, repeating the same old thing over and over again.

This doesn’t really help us, it just makes it difficult for us.

So today I’m going to invite you to drop just a mental load that you’ve been carrying and that no longer serves you.

So just take a moment to pick something that looks heavy on you.

And now just considering what part of this thought pattern is really useful? Is there a lesson, a vision, a useful nugget of wisdom? If so, take note and take it with you.

And point out which parts of mental dialogue only create unnecessary discomfort, suffering, negativity, and anxiety.

Take a moment here to see and feel the suffering it creates, as it fills you with anger, fear, insecurity, or depression or the like. Seeing clearly the cost of carrying this load.

And resolving yourself now to let it go. Just give yourself permission to put it on.

Tell yourself it’s okay to let it go.

You can take the learning with you and drop the burden of the rest.

So he decides to break away from her, stop buying from her and be kidnapped by her.

It will probably continue to appear in the back of your mind for days to come as a habit, but simply making the decision now not to continue to take on that mental burden.

As you undo this mental burden, you feel the sense of ease and lightness that arises, and you know that as you continue to cultivate an uncharged mind, make more room for inner peace, freedom, and joy to grow.

Thank you for your practice, friends, and thank you for being part of this community. I am so grateful to have you here.

With love and respect,


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